McCoya's Smocked Bishop

This is the bishop I am making for my friend Jocylyn's first grandchild. She will be a baby girl and their strong Scotch heritage has inspired Mom and Dad to call her McCoya. I love it. I am using Trudy Horne' Shoulder Button Bishop pattern, my go to,  and the Bayless plate that comes with it. There will be delica beads I think too. I have some really lovely variegated floss but I have never used variegated floss before. Do I just cut and smock? Do I make some sort of effort to follow a sequence of shading? Any helpful hints here would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. 
This will be my current "hand" project. I will also get going on my muslin for the CJ. 

Twinlet Zakie, 2 yrs and one month old, got his first pair of skis. Is he the man or what?


  1. I love the name McCoya, it's just beautiful. The bishop looks great, I can't wait to see it finished. I've never used variagated floss myself, but I have some in my stash just waiting to be used. I imagine you could just start smocking and let the color changes just happen naturally...

  2. Oh how pretty that is going to be. When I have used overdyed floss the only thing I do is just let it go and do its thing. It will make its own beauty.
    Love her name.

  3. Gorgeous name! Gorgeous fabric! I would just go for it with the floss.

  4. how on earth is Zakie that old!! He was just a baby yesterday! He looks adorable in his ski gear.

    And I love McCoya's name. I can't wait to see her dress finished. It will be lovely like all your other creations for sure.

  5. Pretty fabric, perfect for variegated floss. I just cut and smock, you'll drive yourself crazy trying to match up the rows.

  6. Bunny -- Your bishop will be gorgeous. I don't know if you are referring to variagated floss or overdyed. I have no experience with the former but with the latter, you just let the subtle variations in color rule.

    Can't wait for progress on your Chanel jacket. Making one of these is on my list for 2010, but as always, I'm going to follow your lead.


  7. Zakie is just the cutest little guy. I love the bishop. I can't wait to see it finished. Be sure to take a close up pic.

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  9. I am blown away by how fast Zack has grown, Bunny! Didn't we just see him Baptized???
    Love the ski out fit on fun!

    McCoya's bishop is going to be beautiful when completed. I'm loving the colors in it as well as whatever this new project you're about to start. It looks like it will be perfect for St. Patrick's Day. :D


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