Currently, I am hand smocking a little top for Twin Baby Girl and also sewing some little banded capris to go with it. There is a sewing rule in my world and it is to only work on two projects at a time. I am not considering TBG's outfit two projects. And, since Rule #2 in my world is one of the projects is by hand and the other is full tilt by machine, I am searching out my next "ouvre". You can see my latest stash additions above.

The green is a linen/rayon/lycra that I am considering for the following bastardized pattern: McCall's 5576 . In an attempt to knock off a top I saw in the Soft Surroundings catalogue, I would have to split it down the middle; add bands for buttons, and do lots of frilly heirloom looking "stuff" to it. Fun and doable!

For the silky floral I am thinking Vogue 2947, View B, the green baby doll.
I know it would be so cute on a 16 year old but my recent epiphany is moving me toward more youthful clothes. Epiphany? Yes, thanks to "O" magazine. A few months back was an article with lots of photos of women stuck in a clothing warp. I saw myself in one of those photos as clear as a bell, BOOOORRRRIIINNNGGG! So this top would be a strong attempt to not look like that "before" photo from "O." I think given that I am still a "petite" I can maybe pull this off. If not, well, I will just wear it to mop the floors.
And then there was the eyelet! This is the eyelet I had to have! It is "pearlized" and not a snow white but with grayish tones and a pearl luster, very different. Wish the pic showed it's "special-ness" better. I would do this Simplicity 2936 for that fabric. It would have no collar, meet at center fronts with a nifty closure idea that hit me in the bead/jewelry aisle of Joann's, and have a little tiny organdy raw ruffle somewhere.
Decisions, decisions....I am thinking all of these would look great with some white twill slacks. Maybe I should be making those.......Bunny

Lace Pic for the road: and yes, I have two of these. They are gorgeous, more Irish lace.


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