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The tutorial list on La Sewista just seems to be growing and growing and much deserving of some organization! I've established these categories to hopefully make the tutes easier to find.

  • Hem treatments
  • Bindings and Pipings
  • Other good sewing stuff including tailoring, care of fabrics and more
  • Heirloom Techniques
  • Organization
  • Fitting
  • More Sewing Odds and Ends
These tutorials are what has worked for me. I don't claim to be an expert. On the blog I show how I accomplish various sewing tasks and if they have worked out well enough I will put them in the "Tutorial" page to share.  In my opinion there are two cardinal rules to all sewing. First, there is always more than one technique to achieve a sewing goal. Use what works for you and know there are probably a few other ways to do the same process.  The second cardinal rule? Well, that comes from Roberta Carr and it is "reduce bulk whenever possible", and I do!

Some techniques have been learned from sewists far more skilled than I but in those cases credit has been clearly given and I thank these individuals for there generosity in teaching us all how to sew a bit better and easier. In some cases I have tweaked their techniques a bit to work for me and/or my particular project. Again, take what works for you and realize that in this situation it is not my original idea but one from a far greater sewing mind.

Hem Treatments
The Kenneth King Hem
Bunny's Sheer Hem
Faux Piped Hem
Baby Hems
Madeira Hems


Bindings and Pipings

"Mock" Piped Hem
Joining piping and welting

Other great sewing "stuff"


Heirloom Sewing


All text and photos on this blog are copyrighted. A matter of fact, everything on this blog is copyrighted. I have learned that the sewing blogosphere is huge and hugely friendly and helpful. If you take any information from this blog without permission, believe me, you will be found and caught. It has happened already and the sewing public is more than happy to play detective for me. So, please do not use any content without my express permission. Guess what? I've been known to give permission so email me if you have such a request. 

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  1. Hello, I just stumbled onto your blog today, and I am wild with excitement to have so much wonderful information to learn from. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I will forever be reading your blog from now on.

    1. Thanks, Michelle. That is so sweet. There is always something new popping up here. A warm welcome to you!

  2. Hi, Bunny - just finished a cushion cover for a friend, an awful experience, and I haven't even wrestled the foam cushion back into the covering yet. For that, I will need my husband and my daughter, as the cushion is 33 x 42. Big and flat it is and it just wants to fold up. All the patron saints of sewists will be called upon to assist. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Beth K.

    1. Well, the gremlins of Blogger have struck. This and the next comment shouldn't be on this post but on the "Cushions" post of 11-21-15. I will attempt to C&P them over.


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