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On this page I would be honored to share with you some links to some favorite posts. Some are posts that are my personal favorites, others are posts that are your favorites. There are posts about garments, my sewing philosophy,  personal sewing history and some specifically addressed to the next generation of sewists.  Some of the most popular posts have been tutorials and I have left those to the Tutorial page. I will be updating this page regularly as time allows me to sift through a large backlog of posts that seems quite old now, relative to the blogosphere, dating back to April, 2007 when I started blogging. This is a work in progress so check back now and then for new additions.  I hope you enjoy them all. If there are other topics you would like to see highlighted, please let me know.

Like many of you, there are roots to my sewing, a long history touched by women who inspired and encouraged me. There has always been a mentor somewhere along the way and I hope now I can mentor others in return as I am so grateful for the passion they shared with and inspired within me.


Mamee and my roots

A much loved mentor

Hermana Esperanza


The amazing Ima

My Sewing Philosophies......

A Kindred Spirit

The Night Before New Years

Being a mother.....

Hormonal Sewing


The Ironing Chronicles

A Few Proud Moments...........

The prettiest dress I've ever made.

Danny's Project

Black Cashmere

The Dressform Project

Threads Jacket Challenge

The Badgley Mischka Jacket

Zackie's Christening Gown

Carly's Christening Gown

Just for Newbies...........

Pattern Prep - Newbie Alert

Sewing Magazines, Newbies

Some Retail Detail we can learn from

The Masters of Sewing

Also check out the series "Next Level Sewing" by clicking the tab above. It is specifically for new sewists or those returning. 

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