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Two Projects

I have been creating, using my smocking skills for this first project. I have found those skills to be quite rusty but I am keeping at it and it is coming back to me slowly but surely. Above is a beautiful length of ribbon I recently purchased with the intent of smocking it into a piece of jewelry. It is all poly, totally loaded with floats on the back and gave me attacks of instant desire. I also purchased the other colorway offered as well and I am playing with that too.

You can see it's over 2 1/2 inches wide.  Here I have it on the pleater and it is getting five rows of gathering threads.

This project gives me something I can take with me to do pickup work as spare moments allow. I also can just have some lap fun while watching Netflix in the evening. It is taking far longer than I thought to get the ribbons properly pleated because I am just not pleased with my results, rip out the row, and do it again, and again. I know these skills are embedded in my fingers and just need …

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