Midnight (well, almost) Musings

Did you ever want to sew something just to sew it? I mean just the pleasure of seeing it happen? I don't mean sewing because I need something, or sewing because I have a plan, or sewing a gift, or sewing to use up stash. Nope, just sewing for the joy of it! Well, I do and I think I do it fairly often. I just love seeing the fabric and trims and colors come together with what is in my mind. Right now I am aching to make an eyelet blouse, a metallic eyelet blouse. This is a blouse that probably just the blue herons and deer might see me wear. I imagine its organza trim and my palms get downright sweaty with anticipation. I want to sew this blouse for no other reason than I
  • want to know I can pull it off
  • want to see my idea come to fruition
  • want to feel the awesome pleasure of the entire process.
I guess I am not very practical sometimes but who says I have to be? I think we should all be so lucky as to have something besides our loved ones that brings us great joy. Am I alone here?....Bunny


  1. I'm with you, Bunny. And it's not just sewing. I have a whole collection of jewelry that I've made that I don't wear...I just like the process of making the jewelry. My daughter's friends have gotten some pretty nice sterling silver and gold-filled jewelry over the years.

  2. I make many things "because I can". I get asked often if I ever wear my art garments out or why I made them. I have a hard time explaining that I do it because I love it - not just for a special occasion.

  3. And isn't it wonderful that we have the internet to connect? Years ago I belonged to the New Hampshire Dressmakers Guild and that has been the only other time I have found kindred spirits. Now we can go on line an commiserate all we want almost whenever. Too cool!

  4. Sewing is the only thing I do that has no boundaries, and doesn't require a reason. I, too, sew for the sheer (shear?) pleasure of creating. You are not alone, not by a long shot!

  5. "Kindred spirits" is exactly right! I have a normal body type, and have no trouble fitting or paying for the clothing in the stores, but I don't find shopping "fun", but frustrating. Stores don't know the vision I have in my mind, the cut, the color, the hand. The ability to begin with a cut of fabric and finish with a well-made, stylish, unique garment that fits me perfectly is empowering. And I love being able to connect with other women, like you, that feel the same way, regardless of location, age, or other boundaries.

  6. Bunny, you're definitely not alone. I will make things simply because I want to and because I can. I am very passionate about sewing. It brings such joy to create beautiful things.


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