Some Toile for Baby

Shouldn't every baby have a little toile to wear? La Sewista thinks so! And thats what my next hand project will be, smocked toile for Twin Baby Girl. I've made this little dress a couple of times for DGD#1 and know it will go quite quickly. My inspiration was this kind of aqua blue/brown small cotton toile. It had a dot coordinate to add to the play as well. Throw in a little brown grosgrain and some tiny blue buttons and we are good to go. The pattern is from AS&E and called Tickled Pink. A pattern isn't really necessary for this style if you know the slightest about smocking however. If you have never worked with a smocking or AS&E pattern, the pattern merely tells you what size blocks to cut and gives you a guide for blocking. The plate (smocking pic and directions) is in the magazine. The plate is quite sweet but I may improvise a bit. I thought of having a tiny border of the dot and the ribbon in between. This little top is for a 6 month size and there are 60 inches of fabric width in the top. I say that because most non smockers are blown away at how full smocked garments are. Most are two full widths of fabric wide. Here's a schematic of the top. I think I may make the little pants as well out of the dot fabric.
I did manage to get the back and front pleated and blocked tonite. It is drying as we speak.
Blocking is a little controversial in the smocking world. Some claim its a waste of time. Others, like myself, do it religiously. I will take all the help I can get in making my smocking look good, so why not? So, after the fabric block is pleated I pin the blocking guide on the blocking board, pin the pleated fabric to it, adjusting to fit the guide. Then I arrange the pleats evenly, spray a mist of water then spray starch and let dry. Tomorrow I will count my pleats, marking them in increments of ten. Then it will be smocking time.

I thought every now and then I might publish a pic of the beautiful area we live in. We are on the Deer River up near the Canadian border. The wildlife are plentiful and always fascinating. Here is a picture of our spring river. It is about 100 feet from the back door and we see the view from our living room windows...Bunny


  1. Bunny, that fabric is too sweet; that outfit is going to be precious.

  2. Wow! What a beautiful view. The outfit looks like it'll be adorable.


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