Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The "lace" on the left isn't really a lace. It is a very tiny ricrac that is handstitched at the points into this triangular shape. I have several yards of it and can't imagine what this was adorning. With a pressing board, the kind with all the shapes on it, I think one could easily put together their own version of this ricrac trim.

The lace on the right is really unique. It is relatively coarse and appears to be made from a linen thread. I have probably about 5 yards of it. It is about 4 inches wide. It is definitely a hand made lace. If it is indeed linen, I am thinking maybe Irish in origin. I can't think of how I would ever use this one, but I certainly enjoy just admiring it.

Friday DH and I are leaving for Massachusetts on business. We will be gone for about a week and will attend a wedding for a dear friend's daughter. We are not sure yet when we will be back. I am hoping to have my blouse up on the blog tomorrow. It is all done but needs some handwork to be really finished. This morning I auditioned the blouse with several different fabrics for a skirt and a black linen was definitely the way to go. So I hope to get that made when I get back. After the completion of this I hope to start working on some contest entries, one being for the SAGA convention design contest. The other is for a fabric manufacturer. It has been a challenge finding his fabrics up here. I may search out a few quilt shops for more of his fabric while I am on the North Shore of MA next week.

A little geography: I live way way up in upstate New York, in the farthest north region of the Adirondacks. We are about an hour from Montreal and Ottawa, centered between the two. Saranac Lake and Lake Placid are within a 50 minute drive and we love visiting those two towns. There is so much to do in Lake Placid. We spent last weekend there going to the top of Whiteface Mountain. It was great fun. We had lifelong friends for the long weekend and had a ball. DH went to first grade with both of the halves of the couple and I have been good friends with the wife of the couple since I was fifteen. We had a ball. There is something about those lifelong friendships that is so special, so forgiving, and so loving. I will treasure last weekend always and I wish the same for all of you out there.

I am hoping to get my blouse posted tomorrow. Keep those needles crossed!...Bunny


  1. What an interesting ricrac. You've certainly got some incredible laces. I was sitting here thinking "Lake Placid sounds familiar" - then I remembered the movie about the crocodile, or was it an alligator? LOL

  2. Waving at you from Binghamton, NY(chilly this morning - we had ice on the puddles on the black plastic on the garden).

  3. I must have missed that movie, Keely. Lake Placid has been the home of the winter Olympics twice and there is so much activity and so much to do there. Of course there is a wonderful little fabric store there that I have to visit every time I go.

    Waving back, Toby!We had heavy frost here the night before but it looks like clear sailing from now on. So today's plan is to plant. I will be posting my blouse for sure today...Bunny


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