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This is probably the most important book in my sewing room. When I find something on line or in a magazine that I know will make my sewing more professional and more creative, it goes in this book/binder. This is a 3 ring binder with clear vinyl covers that you can insert pictures or text into. When I come across a tidbit of info I can't live without I scan it, then copy it to paper. It goes into this book. This binder is also for things that I would have the dangest time finding when I get to needing them. I refer to it often. I had a big pile of these papers and decided to organize them. I have included things as varied as Debbie Cook's fish eye dart and patterns for heirloom clothing for deceased preemies. Its contents are across the board, but all priceless to me. Here are how I have organized the chapters:
So it is a simple go to when I need a bonnet pattern, as I recently did. Yes, it is full of patterns. I trace them on to Pattern Ease and insert them into vinyl sleeves along with their directions. Its a very fat book! So if I need a pair of booties pattern or need to know how to do a pants stay, its all in the book. It certainly makes my life easier! Do you have any organizing tricks? ....Bunny


  1. This is a great idea - I tend to save them on the favorites on the computer and forget about them. I think I'll have to copy this idea.
    I'm not overly organised. I did spend several days going through my entire stash, measuring it and cataloging it. I put a sample and all the details onto one of Deepika's stash charts and have 2 ringbinders. One for knits, one for weaves. Sadly I haven't been organised enough to add as I buy so I have a pile that needs to be added. Patterns are seperated by type (womens/kids/craft/mens etc) then sorted by company and in numerical order. I keep them in the boxes you get A4 photocopy paper reams in.
    And that is probably the longest comment I've ever left! :)

  2. Go, Keely! My fabric is not catalogued. But I have a relatively small stash. So that is in order by color and type in my big fabric closet.
    The book I showed is really fat. I have lots of goodies in it and I really use it all the time.

  3. No trick as good as this, but I do have a couple of bulletin boards that help.

  4. I have a file with magazine articles (like the one you sent me!), tip sheets and free patterns you can pick up at various stores, random thoughts that I've written down, pix of inspiration garments, etc., each in it's own manila folder, then organized by magazine, topic, store or whatever seems the most like I'll be able to find it again when I need it. I don't have that much stuff, so super-regimented organization doesn't seem so critical at this point.

  5. What a great idea! Sadly, I'm not that organized. I'm semi-organized with my books and things, but I could do better.


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