Monday, June 30, 2008

I feel like I disappeared from the earth the past few days. Our computer had a nasty problem and has been visiting the Geek Squad. I 'm pretty good with the old CPU, but could not get a handle on this problem. Anyway, the Geeks did and I am back in business. Amazing how attached we get to these things!

As soon as I get caught up on some business things tomorrow I hope to have at least one, but hopefully two, tutes up.

In the meantime, here's a pic of a little jacket I made DGD Sophie to wear in case of a chill at a wedding last summer. I would love to try this technique on something for moi. It was a little monotonous to make but I thought the end result was cute. Some basic inexpensive poly lace was the ground and I did a cross hatch of bias strips of flannel. Throw the thing in the wash and dryer and then it ravels up and looks so cute. I have posted pics of the her "flower girl" gown I made her for the wedding as well.

The past couple of computer-less days, I have been doing a great deal of hand sewing. Upon re-reading the entry form, I discovered that I should have plenty of time to finish my bag for the contest. That motivated me a lot and I have been embroidering and working on the bag non-stop for the past two days. The name of this art piece will be "Starry, Starry Night". I keep thinking of Van Gogh the whole time I work on it due to colors and all. Luv Van Gogh!....Bunny


  1. How beautiful, and a bit of whimsy- just what I adore! Big fan of Gogh-man myself, once merged "Starry Night" with "The Little Prince" to paint a baby's duvet cover.

  2. Adorable, Bunny! That little jacket is wonderful. I can see Park Avenue matrons paying hundreds of dollars to parade their little darlings in your works of art.


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