The A to Z of It

Yesterday was our Bicentennial Celebration in our hamlet up here in the Adirondack foothills. My table was all set with fabrics, books, magazines, etc... I wanted to show how to use a pleater. The night before I quickly grabbed a width of fabric that I have been planning on using for a sundress for DGD. It had stripes and I figured that would be a good way to show grain while pleating. It worked out well and luckily pleated beautifully. You just never know. I even let people turn the cranks, of course after great instruction! LOL! The rose outfit also got it's smocking completed. So all in all it was a very productive afternoon and great fun too. As soon as Blogger lets me, I will post pics. Next to the pleated fabric is my inspiration, a sundress from an older Sew Beautiful magazine.

Now for today's post's title-. The A-Z series of sewing books is just fabulous. These are the four I own and love. The photography and text are of the same high quality as other Country Bumpkin publications.
This all comes to mind as these were a couple of the books that I brought with me to the demonstration. With the bullions being used by Chado Ralph Rucci in his new Vogue patterns, perhaps A-Z of Bullions should be in every serious sewist's library. I know, I know. How can you have an entire book on bullions? Easy. There are tapered bullions, Susan O'Connor bullions, bullion bears, bullion roses, bullion fruit, bullion loops, ad infinitum. I would be lost without this bullion book. Before the book, bullions were difficult and left a lot to be desired. After the book, they are easier, look much better, and don't intimidate me any more. So these books are a "highly recommend." Oh, if you check them out on the Country Bumpkin site, remember the prices are Australian. And you were having the vapors, right? I usually get my books within two weeks the most from Australia, but some stores carry them in the US, particularly machine dealers from what I have seen.

Pics coming as soon as Blogger allows.....Bunny


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