Print Seduction

Once again the power of the print sucked me in. On the way home from work Friday night, errands found me driving thru our local Native American reservation. There is a wonderful quilt shop there, "Dreamquilter" , and I decided to stop in. It had been a long while since my previous visit. There were some breathtaking prints, particularly in the flannels. It was way too hot out to think flannel so I kept looking. Then this Matisse type print said, "Hello!" and we decided to become friends. The print is very Matisse but the colors are lighter and brighter. It would definitely look darling on Miss Carly. Behind it you see a couple of pieces of blue acrylic felt that could work as a base for a felted little jacket. The jacket is a Simplicity and very basic. Lots of opportunity for creativity here. If and when I get to this one, it will be in a size for next spring/summer. That's the tough part about sewing for children...........predicting future size. Sometimes its a real shot in the dark.

My felter is feeling neglected and I really have to spend some time with it. I am duly inspired by the blog Machine Felting Arts and am going to try to work thru the lessons on the blog. I think that will get me moving on felting. Or is it fulling? There was a major to-do on that subject not long ago on one of the major sewing sites. I won't even start on that one! Frankly, it's about the creativity for me, not so much the nomenclature.

Today I finally managed to get down into the studio. Got the christening gown cut out. But before I got to that, I decided to tea dye the lace and fabric. It is a lovely ecru now and I am much happier with the lace/fabric combo. It matches beautifully. With some dusty colored threads I think this will be lovely. Dang, it felt good to sew today, well, cut anyway.
It's that harvest time of year. I don't think there is anything prettier than a freshly picked green pepper. So here is a pic of this morning's harvest.


  1. Great print, so pretty! That's a lot of peppers... what will you do with all of them?

  2. The peppers are beautiful - that shiny green is very inspiring.

  3. I agree. If a vegetable can sparkle, this is it.
    Kristine, I am making some paella tonight with some of them but the plan is to make lots of stuffed peppers this weekend and put them up in the freezer. I've got a great Middle Eastern recipe for stuffed peppers. I must have 20 plants in the garden so we are putting them on sandwiches and everything else we can think of. And we are sharing with the neighbors!


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