Bonnet Done!

The little bonnet to go with Blue Hyacinth is done! As you can tell I couldn't frufru this up enough. It was lots of fun to sew. I threw in a pair of socks to match as well. On the socks I stretched out the edge of the cuff and stitched on the large ricrac. When released the ricrac ruffles. It was one of those techniques where having a third hand would have helped. I had to stretch the sock out as much as possible with one hand and feed the ricrac slowly with the other. Kind of like the gum chewing tummy rubbing enigma, but worth it.

I have a go2 bonnet pattern I use all the time but it did not have the scalloped brim. That was easy enough to achieve with a roll of tearaway I had that I simply measured and traced. When sewing the scallops I did two stitches across in the depths of the points. This made it curve a little better and turn nicely.

The netting is not that scratchy nylon ick. It is a lycra stretch netting I picked up on clearance a while back for a dollar a yard. I bought tons. It is very soft and you would swear it was the uber expensive imported cotton netting. Given that its very washable, its a great choice for little baby. I cut the edges raw, no ravelling here, and simply gathered them up and hand stitched inside the brim. I know this will frame her face so sweetly and have that retro look.

The back of the bonnet has a circle crown in the blue flower print that is encircled by the tiny ric rac. At the bottom of the circle near the neck the ricrac is crossed and a lavender flower placed on top like the ones on the brim. That flower has the tiny beads lumped up in the center.

This project is now in the bag and ready to be wrapped and shipped to shower headquarters. I have motivated myself to finish the jacket with a purchase of some really good looking faux fur. It goes beautifully with some tooled faux leather I have and I am working in my brain the design to combine the two. I have promised not to touch this project until the jacket is finished! Smack me if I do......Bunny


  1. That's quite a beautiful baby outfit you made.. I use to love doing tiny fine garments like that.. especially when I had my own babies to dress. I loved to smock the tops of the girls dresses and hand knit them soft sweaters.

  2. gracias... a ver ahora pregunto que es la caja de la abuela? puedes decirme es algo que existe o usaste un nombre en particular, puedes decirme que contiene una caja de abuela... jajajaj en mi caso sera la caja de nela.. creo sera buen nombre.. por que no soy mama, ni soy abuela, bueno soy mama de una gata, y tia de un lindo sobrino.. tambien puede llamarse la caja de tia Nela.
    creo que sii me gusta.. que tal un blog solo para hacer cosas de bebes... a ver si me animo
    besotes voy a traducir tu blog para leer me gusto este gorrito.. y el vestidooooo ya voy a ver que dices
    saludos nela
    ahh ya envie un correo lo recibiste?

  3. Bunny, that outfit is exquisite! Your sewing makes me want to quit my job, stop all my extra curricular activities, and just say no to family and stay home to create. I bet you had fun sewing this one. I really admire your work.

  4. Thanks, Sherril and Posh and Nela. It is definitely fun sewing, but now it is time to get back to challenge sewing, which I love also.

    Nela, la "caja de la abuela" es donde una pone las cositas cosidas para bebes que no tiene. Se la llama asi porque es para el futuro, cuando una es esperando los angelitos de sus hijos. Puede ser una caja verdadera or una caja en su imaginacion! Si recibi so correo y voy a la oficina postal manana para mandar la pagina. Estuvo que finir la traje primerament.

  5. Super sweet bonnet and socks! The dots on the netting give the bonnet that "Who? Me? Homemade? Never!!" look. Just beautiful, as usual...

  6. Even more adorableness!! It must be so much fun to just make something beautiful and not have the stress of fitting!

  7. What a lovely bonnet!
    And your cashmere jacket is coming along beautifully.

  8. More candy! You're going to make me fat! Beautiful and sweet as always.

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