Sunday, December 7, 2008

Can You Tell Me..........

What the heck this is?
It's not an Adirondack yamulka. It's not a hat for my laughing resistant model of a husband. Is it one of those fabric bowls that a drunk has put on their head before they hit the lamp shades? I don't know. All I know is it sure isn't what the picture looked like that I was working off of. Ok, part of the issue is me and I take responsibility for that. There is a blog that had a great fur hat tutorial on it. It gave great detail on the drafting and construction. But despite my errors, I think it still should have worked. I drafted the pattern and proceeded to cut out my six sections of fabric and six of lining. Right before I hit the machine it occurred to me that I didn't add the 1/4 inch seam allowances. There was not enough ease to make this work. So I did what any creative seamstress would do. I did some samples butting the edges of wool and using decorative stitching to sew them together. Not bad. I landed on a triple zig zag and started butting. It was working great until I realized my hat looked like the ass side of a pumpkin. Go get the handsome model.........

Then I remembered that Threads had an article on this exact hat as well and I hit their site, did a search on their index, and came up with the right issue. There are definite advantages to hording the magazine for many many years. This hat was very similar and upon comparing both sites the hat on the Threads model sat smoothly on her noggin. Proceed.

You can see the difference in the cut of the sections. The Threads section comes to a clear point. The original effort is more curved. My draft of the original pattern does look just like the one pictured on that site. The other great thing for Miss Moron is that the Threads pattern included the 1/4 inch seam allowances. Sometimes I need all the help I can get. So in the end I am please and am looking forward to making a couple more of these as gifts. They go together really quickly. Here you can really see the difference in the crown:

This afternoon we are getting slammed with lake effect snow and I ran out in the back yard to do the pictures during a brief respite. It was 12ยบ at the time. Out front of our property we had other visitors strutting their stuff.
This is our local turkey flock. Guess they survived the holiday!

Yes that's the new coat and more on that later..........Bunny


  1. Well, the hat turned out beautifully in the end. Did you recut it using the Threads pattern? The fur is gorgeous - perfect for the brrrrrrrrrrr snow!

  2. Thanks. I did recut it all using the Threads draft. It is the one with the long point. Oddly, that point makes it all lie flat. I know there is some geometric reason for it all in there somewhere.

  3. Beautiful! Obviously Mother Nature agrees, since she gave you the perfect backdrop! Very, very nice, and looks wonderfully warm!!

  4. LOL I loved your comment that it looked like the ass end of a pumpkin. The correctly finished one turned out gorgeous. If my wool coat didn't have a fur lined hood on it, I'd be making myself one.

  5. Love the finished result! I assume one needs the old issue of "Threads" for the pattern draft? Not that I need a fur had anytime soon as I live in So. AZ, but like you said, gifs are nice. I agree that the fur is lovely also.

  6. This hat is fabulous! You actually make winter in the Adirondacks look bearable. Wonderful job, Bunny!

  7. Pretty and elegant, in the last version with the fur, of course!

  8. Your coat is beautiful and your hat is Oh, so stylin! The first thing that came to mind is "Snow Bunny!" Guess that's you!!
    I would love to sit with you for a day and just see you sew. You do exquisite work!!

  9. Ok...I've got to dig out that issue of Threads now...I know someone who needs one of these for Christmas, if I can find the time to do it...Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. It's issue 56, Lisa. The actual pattern is in that issue. You just trace off the size you need. On the original pattern it was a full drafting project, not with the greatest results, either.

  11. Hi there Bunny,

    Your blog is better than any magazine!
    Thought I would browse around before bed and found you in your beautiful cashmere jacket and fabulous hat. Wow, wow, and wow.

    Perfect inspiration as always. So hopefully, comments from me received, better late than never. Thanks for the great tip about the tape for perfect topstitching. Will store that one for future use.


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