With just hours to spare, DH and I have returned home from our holiday travels. And it is still Christmas and still time to wish you all the best of the holiday season. I hope you have been able to spend it with loved ones close by and that Santa gifted you generously in the sewing department!

In the spirit of the season I share with you some pics of our gorgeous grandchildren as they enjoy their day.

The twins just loved this "walking" toy. It just couldn't do enough and they played with it for the longest time.
Here our Graham is trying on his new high tech back pack for hiking with Mom and Dad. He is so happy because it was filled with loads of Bak-U-Gons. If you have been anywhere near a young boy in the last two months, you know what Bak-U-Gons are and yes, this grandma was able to find them in a lucky moment shopping.

And our beautiful Jack and Sophie investigating part of their stash as Dad puts a toy together.

Whatever holiday celebration you partake in, I wish you the best of times with those you love......Bunny


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