The Collaged Bag

My work on the Collaged Bag continues but in fits and spurts. I am blessed with my grandchildren visiting this and next week and have to steal some of my sewing moments. This morning I awoke at 4:00AM and couldn't get back to sleep so it was down to the cave.

Because of the bulk of the collage I did my seams a little differently. I cut out Decor Bond to the exact size of the bag front and back without seam allowances. This is then fused to the collaged front and back. On the side seams I cut the collage back to the edge of the interfacing. These were then butted together, held with painter's tape, and stitched with a triple zigzag.

Then I cut a bias strip of the plaid dupioni. This was backed with a one inch fusible strip of Formflex. I then switched on the edge stitching foot and did my topstitching to secure the strip to the bag and strengthen the side seams. I think if gives a really nice finish.

I am using McCalls 4400 with a change or two. I will have cloth handles and a large double needled tab with a magnetic snap for a closure. View E, which I am using, makes a really nice sized bucket bag. I like the accent of the corner appliques.

Today we do the kiddy swap, driving 3 hours South and trading one grandchild for two others, then driving 3 hours back to NY for another week of grandparent fun. We have sledding planned as well as a trip to a nice goat farm that will have brand new babies born next week. So a lot going on! I will continue to steal blog and sewing time as available. Till then...........Bunny


  1. Hope you caught a nap in the car! Enjoy your time with the grandkids, the bag looks fabulous!

  2. The bag looks great. What type of interfacing is formflex? What exactly is deco bond? I keep seeing these great bags on PR and the blogs, and while I haven't committed to one yet, I am storing all the information.
    I am having grandchild envy here. Enjoy them.

  3. Looks like it's going to be fabulous! But did you cut those fabrics JUST to make the collage? I'm just saying. LOL!


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