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Now that my bag is finished I pulled together some recent fabric purchases with patterns. They are all in the queue but I am not sure what I will cut first. I think I am ready for some children's clothing so that may be it. Easter is coming and I have to step to it. First in the queue: some camouflage flannel. It's a really heavy flannel, too. DGS asked me for camo jammies and of course IG(Indulgent Grandma) acquiesced. This is my favorite boy jammy pattern, very classic and the boys love it. I have made more times than I can count.

Next up is a "polka dot dress" requested by DGD and once again IG succumbed. I have a couple of coordinates here but not sure how this will play out. I am not even sure on the pattern. I like the little retro garment on the left from Kari Mecca but also found this Daisy Kingdom halter dress just beyond cute. DGD liked that one the best so that will probably be the way to go.

IG needs some more pants so this group is a poly pinstripe that is really pretty nice and the heavy black linen I have wanted for a while. Got the poly at Martins's. It looks like the last garment fabric I may buy at Martins. They have hugely downsized and appear to be canning the garment fabrics. Once again, quilts and home dec survive! Does anyone understand that there are people out there who really sew? The pattern is the Simp "Amazing Fit" pattern that I fell in love with. I may make the legs narrower on this one. We'll see.

Finally, this little beauty. DD bought it for me to make DGD a dress. To me it is gorgeous but reeks Christmas. DD doesn't see it at all. The cherries are surrounded by pink and she wants a pink co ordinate. This will be a challenge. Maybe that combo would be better in that Daisy Kingdom pattern above. I just have to mull this one over a lot more. Suggestions are always appreciated.

Tomorrow will hopefully bring pics of the Collage Bag. It is done but not without its interesting moments. This was a very distracting week with the tykes and I did lots of reverse sewing on this one. When I finally completed it all this afternoon and was giving it the final press, the bag made a clunk. Then it clunked again. I reached in to arrange the lining for the press and felt the clunk. Here is what I left sewn up between the lining and the bag's shell:

Just the mini cutting board, not the chisels. Oy.........


  1. Both of the girl's patterns are really cute. I love polka dots. Just bought some myself for a future project. I really like the cherries too. I think it would be really cut match d up with pink in either pattern. Your grands sound great!

  2. lol

    You could have be walking around with your heart in your bag... ;)

    Great fabrics for to-be Indulged Grandchildren! Have fun with those!


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