Thursday, May 21, 2009

Our new young sewing friend, Emily, has gifted me with the " Blogger Buddy" award. Thank you so much, Emily. I love to encourage younger people to sew and Emily is one of them. I am living in a place where I do not have any sewing buddies, maybe some deer and herons, but no sewing buddies. Sewing buddies are precious, few and far between. This is why the sewing blogosphere is just so wonderful. Thank you, Emily for my award.


Two new projects are in the works. One is a darling dress for my little Carly that has a great story to go with it. More to come after the weekend. The other is a blouse I have been designing in my head for a couple of months. Of course I was inspired by something very costly with a similar technique/line. I love the challenge of mixing prints. For this project I have chosen two print sheers, both very soft. In hemming my wedding skirt I tried a new for me technique to hem the chiffon and that segwayed into the embellishment on this blouse.

Right now DH and I are straight out working. So I it will be a day or two before I have pics and more. We are working six days a week, long days, till mid October! But in this economy one has to make hay while the sun shines and will take next winter off again. Hopefully we will makes gobs of moola but the sad part is we took this contract and will now miss the wedding. So my wedding skirt is all hemmed, dressing my dressform, and waiting for a place to be worn. It will come. In the meantime I have moved on. I have definitely put the trench aside and will focus for the moment on some less intense sewing. But I have said it before, my work has a way of becoming a production, a very enjoyable production.

It is amazing how we always find a way to do what we love, isn't it? It's a good thing, otherwise I would be blogging from the local nuthouse. Wouldn't that be a great name for a TV game show - Sewing for Sanity! It would have Cidell has the genial host, Somerset would be twirling in her gorgeous outfits pointing to the prizes a la Vanna, and the contestants would be answering questions on sewing trivia. Winners would get incredibly expensive sewing machines as well as cash good only in high end fabric shops. I think we've got something here, don't you?..................Bunny


  1. LOL. You're too funny. I think I'm a foot too short and 20 lbs. too heavy to play Vanna. I do have some Vanna-ish gowns in the back of my closet, though.

  2. It sounds good to me! I'd be watching for sure.

  3. bunny que cosas mas lindas has hecho ultimamente.. el bolso me enacanto, y el vestido guaoooo

  4. Bunny, you need to pitch that to Fox! Sounds far better than some of the junk currently on the air!

  5. I've left an award for you on my blog! Enjoy!

  6. Pitch that reality show to a network right away!

  7. Bunny - congrats on the award - how very honored you must feel that this comes from the younger set!!!

    As far as Issac. I think sometimes his demeanor is his own worst enemy. He looks/sounds flighty and vapid, but he is anything but. It took a while of chatting with him to get past that and see the real sense of what he says and does. I think the Target thing is very indicative of just how savvy the guy really is. The other thing is that he has a stinking lot of talent - it's almost disgusting it's so much. It seems anything he touches he does well. Usually I'm turned off by all this over-dramatic behavior, but in his case (probably cause he's so gifted), I'm willing to overlook it.

    As far as the show - - I had a friend who did that decorating reality show. It was supposed to be a competition, but she knew going in that it wasn't and they also made everyone aware of who the two were that were going to win. The dilemma for the people on the show is that my friend really did turn out to be very creative and worked her a** off harder and better than any other contestant so when she was booted, it did make the whole show looked fixed - wonder if that's why there was only one season. So TFS may be fixed as well. Personally I'm rooting for Reco - as the guy can draft, sew, design and do it all - and that needs to be rewarded.

    Oops - got a little long-winded - sorry!!! ;)


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