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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Muslin for the Sheer Blouse

I am going to pull a Sherill here and share the muslin I have mocked up for this blouse, BWOF 122/3-06-2009. Over all I am pleased but there are seams to be tweaked.
For some reason I am standing crooked here but you get the idea. This is muslin. My blouse will be a much softer and drapey fabric, so please keep that in mind. First off, you will see the two different sleeve treatments. I am favoring the ruffle which will drape more in the fabric I am using. It just seems to bring the focus upward which is more flattering. I am not crazy about my aging arms but either treatment softens the view. Do you think the ruffle should be a tad, just a tad deeper?
The shoulders need a bit of narrowing. I had a black bra on but that was good because I was concerned about my bra being exposed under the arm. I cut away the seam allowances there and there seems to be no problem.

You can also see in that pic that under the arm needs to be narrowed. The upper chest, armpit, upper back area is my narrow spot. The back could use some fabric being removed as well across the upper back.
I will be taking out some length. This does not land in the best spot on me, dividing my short little bod right in half. I will also have the side seams split open at the sides for a few inches as in BWOF 122. Here are some better views of the two sleeve options. Please give me your opinion, keeping in mind the actual fabric will be much softer. Thanks, all.


This is a shot in the shade garden of my "creeping Jenny". It is a glorious shade of green and just brightens up the dark area so nicely. I need to snip off some runners and get some going in other parts of the garden.....Oh, the tooth is beyond horrible but I am travelling with hubby tomorrow to see my favorite dentist...DD. I know she will fix me up and I will find my smile again....Bunny


  1. first of all, thanks for the tutorial on your hem technique for sheers... I'm going to try it as soon as I get the starch.

    I vote for the ruffled sleeve and making it a bit wider. That blouse is going to be so nice.

  2. I like the sleeve ruffle too, as well as your idea of making it a bit larger. That will be gorgeous in the soft fabrics.

  3. I like the ruffle. The other sleeve style looks like someone stuck a hankie in the armsythe.

  4. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I think that the blouse is going to be marvelous. As for the t-shirts, I sew production when I'm working with large quantities. I've made so many, I pretty sure I can do them in my sleep now!

  5. I like the blouse, agree with all of your planned "tweaking" and yes, definitely the ruffled sleeve and a bit deeper. I think too short could look a bit childish on a mature arm. The other sleeve just looks like someone stuck fabric on as an afterthought. I can't wait to see the finished blouse!

  6. Could you add one more layer of ruffle to the sleeve to make it a bit longer? I think that would be nice.
    And what about drawstring placement? Maybe it would be more flattering a bit higher? Or dropped down to high hip(1940s-esque)?
    Ideas from a novice...

  7. Dear Bunny,
    Same as everybody I'm definitely in favour of the ruffled version.
    Can't wait to see it with the real fabric

  8. Love the blouse, Bunny! I prefer the ruffle sleeve version and would probably make the ruffle a bit deeper. Your muslin looks great -- if you think it might fit me, just send it on! I'll wear it even with 2 different sleeves!

  9. Nice blouse. I think I like the ruffles the best.

  10. Yes, try deeper ruffles, please.


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