Monday, June 22, 2009

Some Q&A

I got a fair amount of effort into the blouse yesterday and today and will reply to a few comments that were posted or asked.

First I want to say that the starch is INVALUABLE in this project. It totally allows you to manage this slippery fabric. I have been spraying it as I do the French seams as well. It pretty much flakes off as I re-handle it but I'll also give the blouse a quick soak when all is said and done. I got my Linit starch at KMart.

To do the corners I simply folded the fabric over again on the next edge, just like you would a piece of paper, then starch and iron again. There is a fair amount of bulk in the corner but you are stitching just on that edge. Once trimmed back you'd never even know the bulk was there.

Design Dreamer wanted to know how I handled "where the two meet? i.e., did you clip the seam above the "Bunny rolled hem"? And is that why you did the bar-tack?" As you can see in the pick, that is just what I did. I cut the seam at an angle to prevent frayed threads and to get a little something to stitch on to with the French seams. After clipping I put a dot of Fray Bloc in each corner. Then I pressed the seam flat with starch to eliminate any pucker from the end of the tiny zigzag. After that I proceeded to do the french seams. The bar tack is definitely to cover the transition.

I did a sample of the ruffle to make sure I knew the amount of increase I would need to cut. Now I have to do the same for the sleeve ruffles.

Here you can see the lining. It will be joined at the armscyes and the front bands and the rest will float free. Hoping this will work.

Now a question for all of you - Can anyone explain to me why my picture downloads come up in code when I am writing a post? Previously they always came up as photos which made them much easier to place properly. Any way I can get back to that method? I have a feeling I clicked on something I shouldn't have. TIA........Bunny


  1. About the lining. If it's attached only at the armsythes and the front band, what is to prevent it from drooping across the bodice front and back?

  2. Bunny, when you are typing in the posting box, there are two tabs at the top of that box. One says "Edit HTML" and the other says "Compose". When you see the code, it is on the Edit HTML tab. If you click the Compose tab, you will see your pictures again. I always write in the Edit HTML mode and then fuss with my pictures in the Compose mode.

    I can't wait to see more of the blouse. It is beautiful so far!

  3. Bunny,

    Thanks for the magazines--got them in the mail today! I look forward looking at them tonight after I quit sewing for the day.

  4. I have thought about that Gwen. If it droops, which it didn't in my experiment, I plan to do a feather stitch across the outer bodice where you see the lining edge. I may do that anyway, not sure yet. It will be in a matching beige floss and fairly small.

    Thanks, Sivje for the instruction. I knew I clicked on the wrong thing.

    Enjoy your mags, Connie.

  5. Thanks so much for the tip on the spray starch.


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