Bear with me.....

Sorry if I have aggravated you all. I have been tweaking the blog and appreciate your patience as well as your imput. I am working on getting the pictures larger so I can have a more interesting layout with various sized pictures. I also need to get a new photo up. That will take some serious work and the serious hair cut I so desperately need right now.

As far as the larger pictures, I am just not pulling it off despite great directions on line . It seems my code doesn't match the code the directions think I have. If anyone can help with that, please jump in.

My goal here is to make things more easily readible, get a new exciting header, new personal pic, layout across the page  and the option for larger pics. So bear with me as the blog grows. You will still have the same sewing posts from a sewist who is driven to stitch everything she has ever dreamed up.


I would like to introduce you all to a new blog....The Gazebo House....or what is referred to on my blogroll on the right as Rett's Gazebo. Rett is a very accomplished sewist and smocker. Her bullions are such that I call her the "Bullion Queen".  You can also see on her blog her amazing photography abilities. Her blog is a feast for the eyes and I thoroughly enjoy visiting there. Savor it with a cup of tea in hand. You will soon figure out that Rett is also an amazing stylist and hostess. Her tablescapes are magnificent as are her menus.  But most of all, Rett is a very sharing individual and lots of fun. I know you will enjoy your visit to her Gazebo. You don't need it, but good luck with your blogging, Rett.


Another load of white heirloom fabrics is in the washer. DH fears I will overload the septic system with all this washing and wants me to take it all to the big city laudromat....oy......I may do that just to get it all done with and out of the way. But spending a lot of the day at the laundromat somehow doesn't quite turn me on. What we do for our craft...............Bunny


OK, now I am going to try some picture sizing changes: got these all Bizzed and folded.They are heirloom fabrics, voiles, piques, batistes, etc. and yes there are more.
OK, the good news is that now the photos come up in line where I am writing and I can push them as far to the left, right, or center. I think I will go for right. I made this one smaller. It's the big pictures that keep alluding me. Hmmmm, I can only get it to go left and center. Bear with me... Bunny
Yahoo! I got it!!!!! Next is trying mosaics. Let's hope I can do this more than once.


  1. Looking forward to seeing the new look of your blog. Take your time. I will come to your blog and read it no matter what the look; so there's no rush on my account.

    I guess you can do some hand stitching while in the laundromat.

    I've just made my tea, and now I'm off to see Rhet's Gazebo blog. Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. Making changes on a blog is just a pain isn't it? But so worth it when you get it figured out!

    You can get some stuff to pour down the drains that will help your septic system maintain it's balance. I think it's bacterial or maybe enzymatic; if enzymatic, maybe your BIZ treatments are good for it! lol

    I buy it from when I'm ordering other garden stuff, but there are other similar products.

    That's quite a stack of fabrics you have there! I'd be afraid to wash those in our rusty water and it would take some time to distill enough water to wash all those! :D

  3. We are blessed with the most incredible water up here. New Hampshire, where I lived for 29 years, is notorious for it's manganese and iron and you could not own a white shirt unless you wanted to take it to the cleaners. If you used bleach it would have an instant reaction with the water, turning orange, then brown and making your white clothes have an orange cast to them. Bleach was saved only for disinfecting. When I first moved here one of my biggest thrills was being able to wash white laundry and have it come out white and sparkling.

    I have tried the yeast thing in our system. Our system is OK but I just don't want to stress it out. I could do ten loads and a dishwashing, two showers, in one day with all that fabric so its a lot to hand for a small home septic system. I am not going to push my luck.

  4. Bunny, I'm glad to see your bigger picture! The next best thing to sitting right next to you would be able to see ALL your sewing projects up close.
    Thank you for the sweet mention of my very new blog on your site. I'm honored & humbled by your words.


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