Seamless Smocking Update.....

This photo gives you the status of my seamless smocking experiment. I am pleased so far but the first time I approached the seam it felt like I was herding cats. It is hard to tell but there are two more pleats on each side of the seam (four total) and the serged edges that are scrunched up between  the abutting blue marked pleats. For more on this great technique check out Martha's tutorial on Seamless Smocking.  I am using Martha's Method Number One.

For quite some time now I have been thinking of doing a post on washing silks. I have had very good luck doing this and hope to share this info soon on the blog. This is following right in line with Claire's wonderful fabric posts that she has been doing. We have some beautiful weather here today so that will help with the outside pictures.....Bunny


  1. Bunny.- sus trabajos con este tipo de labor, son siempre extraordinarios.

    Disculpe, no le dí respuesta a su pregunta sobre los patrones. Bien, si que he pensado hacer copias de los patrones para vender, pero de momento solo es una idea y tengo que hacer un proyecto serio para ello. Si usted quiere la copia de algún modelo, no tenga reparo en decirme cual le interesa y yo le envio.

    Saludos y hasta pronto.

  2. It is looking great! Those first couple of passes over the "seam" are a bit daunting, but it does get easier. Of course the heavier fabric is a bit daunting too. But when you get finished you will be so glad. I can't wait to see the finished bishop.

  3. Paco, te he mandado un email. Que ofrezca!

    Thanks for your "tutelage" Martha, greatly appreciated!

  4. I have done this too. It turns out so much nicer to NOT have the big bumps at every seam. I have tried both method 1 and 2 , but prefer method 1.

    How did the thicker material turn out?

  5. I love your new picture. I just had a birthday. I'm 9 now. I have pictures of my birthday on my blog.

  6. Thank you for sharing what you learned about washing silks from Martha Stewart. Your seamless smocking is looking very nice.

    Your new picture in your profile is a good one.


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