Dress Muslin.

My heavens, this looks depressing! Fear not, it is a brown gingham muslin for the green linen dress. I cut a size 8 and morphed to a 10 at the hips. I think it is pretty good. I could not get a decent pic of the back and DH was not around. I need to do a slight swayback adjustment there and tweek the right shoulder and that should do it. I am having thoughts about this linen dress and may do a white binding for some linear emphasis. I am also thinking if I do the breast pockets as in one of the views it could give me some needed balance at the top. You can see the gingham is marked up. I did my straight of grains in red but other markings in blue and green. The apex is right where it is supposed to be, a surprise to me , and the waistline just a tad higher. If flares out comfortably so I don't think I will have the buttons popping like I experienced at 17. I am liking this pattern so far. Question for someone. On patterns there is a cross in a circle marking the apex of the bustline on the bodice. I have that same mark on my outer thigh right where you see my thumb tip. It is in the middle of the side front piece. Its way to low for a hip bone and in a weird spot. Anyone know what that is for? TIA..

Thanks for entering the no makeup no hair zone here on the blog. I knew you would understand. Did anyone see the babes of the Today show go on without any makeup last week? It was incredible to see them in real life. They all seemed to like the no makeup look and feel. Myself, don't know if I will ever be ready for that.......Bunny


  1. Sorry, can't help with the cross in the circle in that position. It is looking pretty good though. I like the idea of the white binding. And don't worry, there is no makeup here either! But there will be before I go out..lol

  2. I don't always like the fuss of make-up but I know I look better. So when we are "Off to some event" I do wear some, and I've pared it down to about a 10 minute application. One thing I do when I do not want to wear makeup but know someone might come to the door is mix my mineral powders (Every Day Minerals) with my basic Cetafil moisturizer cream. I keep it in a little covered container. I apply it in thin layers which in more effective. This way my skin is evened out and I can go to the grocery store, but if we go out later in the day, I already have a basic layer applied. The powder layers apply well and evenly.

  3. Usually the circle with a cross marks the fullest point of the bust, hip and waist and normally has the actual measurement of the garment at that point shown so you can judge the amount of ease against actual the actual body. Do you think that this is it (in other words is the pattern on the longish side through the torso or are you on the shorter side of average height?)

  4. I agree with Susan - that lower circle is the hipline. Sometimes there are three such markings: bust, waist, hip; sometimes only two: bust and hip. Depending on the pattern company, there are usually the finished garment measurements for the corresponding body measurement (bust, etc.) printed on the tissue near the circle/cross for each size of the pattern. That's how I know what size to cut - I check out the final garment measurements on the tissue, decide how much ease I want and then cut based on my own measurement plus my desired amount of ease.

    So far, it looks good!

  5. I'm sure the pretty green & white linen you've chosen will look much better on you than this drab color. ;-)
    I learned something new today from your question...thanks for asking it!

    I'll be interested in seeing if this pattern allows you to sit down comfortably without pulling on the buttons.

  6. haha!! I laughed at your opening statement!! :D I can't wait to see the green version. Yum. Green is my color of the moment.


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