Monday, May 17, 2010

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 Thank you all so so much for the lovely comments regarding the Retro Blouse. I definitely think it is a style just made for petites. I want to particularly thank Claire of Claire Kennedy Design who kindly taught me the difference between raglan and kimono sleeves. I always get those two mixed up since forever, and think it must look like a kimono if its a kimono sleeve. Clearly I needed some educating here.  If you haven't visited Claire's blog, you are missing a treat. She is an incredible designer of national repute catering particularly to brides and debutantes. She is also extremely generous and has given me so much help and encouragement this past year. Thanks, Claire, for all your kindness.

I am just on a tear making things for work. Tops and pants work best but I think I will try some skirts soon too. I have the basic collection of brown, black, navy, grey pants and am in need of tops, preferably tops with color. Given that my last blouse was snow white and the next one is black, white, and grey, am not doing well making good on that promise. If my next top is a neutral, please, someone slap me!

I love fiddling with borders and stripes. This piece is a poly charmeuse with, Akkkk, lycra. I have done my homework and will go into this project with a microtex needle, (did that last time), cut my fabric on the cross, which I would do anyway for the border, and taut sew. All of the above are recommendations from S. Betzina for this challenging fabric.Personally, I will cross my fingers as well. OK, what will I make, pray tell? This little prego looking top. I will wear it much shorter than the pattern as tunic length is horrible on me. So I may lose a fair amount of this border before I am done, but we will see.
View B has your basic pleated neckline, but View A is a bit more interesting. The neckline is first bound but leaving a large section at center front with no binding. Then a large square of fabric is attached to the neckline and covering the raw ends of the binding. This is then all flipped to the inside. THEN you make your pleats. This lets the pleats stand alone and have more of a ruffled look. There is also a small ribbon used to secure the loose pleats. I think that will tone down this fabric a bit and let it not be too serious. And despite my previous rants, I am going to make short sleeves on this too so I will have to re draft the sleeve. It is just too warm in my office. I have a huge window on a hot courtyard and it heats up no matter what. So a fun challenging project ahead. It's cut out except for the sleeves and tomorrow I hope to hit it after some serious gardening happens. We finally have sunshine here!!!

I was asked if those were white poinsettias in the white blouse pictures. They are very real looking  fakes. I pulled them out at Christmas and they stayed. They seem to look right.....for now......Bunny


  1. That is a beautiful piece of cloth. Can't wait to see it made up.

  2. Since I've never had much luck sewing with stretchy fabrics, I'm looking forward to your project commentary (include lots of tips, tricks and hindsights!). Cutting fabric on the cross I assume you mean across the grain?
    Your chosen fabric looks great and the top will be stunning, I'm sure.
    Oh, and good luck with the serious gardening.

  3. Love that fabric!!! Thanks for the link to Ms. Kennedy's site, it's always fun to look at pretty things, and even better to make friends with a helpful person!

  4. Bunny - thank you for the kind words - it's so much fun to share what I know and have learned. @Kristine - please call me Claire!!!! I'm not that old yet (or at least I don't think I am, even if the calendar says differently!!!!)

    Love the new fabric. You gals are so lucky that you can get fabric so close to you. In my dreams, I get to travel not far for a variety of fabrics...reading peoples' blogs lately, it's fun to see all the new goodies out there! In my maidenform bra (OK, that dates me, but I'm still not old!!!!)

  5. Very nice print, look foward to seeing your top made up.

    I have been following Claire's blog for some time and she is amazing! I love her video's and how she generously shares her knowledge and information :)

  6. Bunny, I love that fabric and can hardly wait to see it made up and modeled. It just looks so comfortable. I do think you need to add some color to your wardrobe!! How about smocking something just for you?

  7. Beautiful, Bunny. The fabric is perfect for this blouse.


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