The Birds

My husband and I have been avid back yard birders for years. We plant plants specifically for them and design garden beds to keep them happy. They bring us a lot of joy. We love finding the occasional new bird on our feeder and running to our bird book and marking the entry. Reading that 20 year year old bird book and all of its entries is almost like looking at a family album of sorts. It chronicles the different homes and different states we've lived in and different birds found there. I love to finger thru it on a cold winter's afternoon. It is always by our "viewing window".  Whenever we needed more info on a bird we have gone online to the Ornithology department at Cornell University.

DH and I are distraught over what is happening in the Gulf. I know you probably are too. We've all seen the heartbreaking pictures. It is on that note that I am passing on this link to you from Cornell. You may not live in the Gulf but there is still something you can do. We are stewards of the earth and must protect it and its creatures....Bunny and Ernie P.


  1. AMEN!
    Thank you for the link...we will surely send a donation.Will this nightmare ever end?


  2. Thank you Bunny. I am heartsick as is my husband.


  3. Living in Louisiana, we see these news stories constantly. It is so sad, and I would like to say thanks for posting about this. Many people do not realize the tremendous amount of seafood that comes from the coast of Louisiana. It is some of the best in the world. Plus all of the bird sanctuaries are forever damaged.

  4. Thanks for the link, Bunny. It's so sad and unfair... I don't have the words to express my feelings

  5. When I see photos of the birds, whales, dolphins, fish, turtles, crabs and oysters, the beaches and people who are seeing their way of life disappearing forever (with no help from their elected officials who would like to keep on drilling) I tear up over and over again. The Gulf Coast is too hot and humid for me, but it is undeniably beautiful, part of why my sister and parents moved there. I do not believe that we will see the Gulf heal in our lifetime.


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