I'd like to say I caught it from Caroline but I have always had a penchant for borders. When I went shopping this past week at Fabric Fix in Manchester, NH, I brought home two. Also jumping up on to the table to be cut was a gorgeous lycra knit. The weight of this knit is quite nice and it will make a great dress. The scale of the print on this knit is quite large but I think with the earthier colored forms I can pull it off. I thought this Vogue Pattern 1091 is a big possibility.
I think I am starting to hit the mark with my goal to add more color to my life. Coming along next is a very vivid border print that I really don't know what to do with. It reminds me a bit of Pucci. I will wait for the right inspiration with this one.I do love the colors, though.

And last but not least was this bordered denim  suggested to me by one of the great staff at the Fix. It is a really nice weight for a skirt, not to heavy or even a jacket of some sort. I am thinking a skirt, maybe something like Butterick 4686, View C with the wide yoke. Lots of time before I get to this.
Generally, I am not a stashaholic. I look at something, decide what I want to make, then go back and buy it when I am ready. If it is gone it is gone. But when I travel down to Mass. and NH I get an opportunity to fabric shop that I don't have here. I do have a great little Joanns that I use a great deal, but for real fabric I like to shop when I make my trips to the grandkids further south. I always try to buy a few pieces because it could be a while before I get such an opportunity again. I hope you like my haul.
My granddaughter, twin Carly, is a real fashionista. She has a uniform. Her mom dresses her usually in calf length big flowered dresses, shades of my former hippie self. Then she puts on little matching tight leggings and matching crocs without sox. That is her outfit for the day. Well, that's what Momma does. As soon as Momma is done Carla sets about accessorizing. She first heads for the kitchen cabinet with the bibs. On go three bibs that she velcros around her neck. Carly is into layering. Once the bibs are on it is up to the bedroom. You can hear her tearing thru the closet and drawers. She may pull up  tiny chair to grab some jewelry off the top of her dresser, usually bracelets. She will always pick a hat. But Carly doesn't just wear a hat. She sets her own style wearing the chin strap right on her chin. And, like most well dressed fashionistas, she is not done until the designer sunglasses get put on. Generally she favors the Costco variety and often wears then upside down for the day. Carly is now ready to face the sandbox and her twin brother, heck, the whole world. She will sport her choices ALL DAY long. We have never seen a child keep a hat and sunglasses on indefinitely like Carly. She really is ready for the Riviera , don't you think?


  1. OMGosh, how CUTE is she?? Little fashionista indeed. :D

    LOVE the border prints, especially the "Pucci" esque one...what about something like the Michael Kors Vogue 1090?? LOVE that pattern.

  2. Love the first fabric so much. Border prints are ridiculously hard to find here.

  3. Little Carly is so cute. Reminds me of my Sofie when she was young. She would have several changes of clothes a day - just want and helped herself. And always something hanging around her neck. Quite often this would be my bras or even undies. And yes a hat too.
    Good fabric choices by grandma too :)

  4. You will love Vogue 1091...someday I will make another one! Love, love, love the new fabrics...and your granddaughter is just too adorable.

  5. Thanks for the sweet picture of Carly...if only I had her style and self confidence all the time!

    Lovely fabric...enjoy.

  6. You cracked me up with your stories of Carly!!!! Too funny!

    Your fabric choices look fun and I can't wait to see what you make from them.

  7. The first fabric is absolutely to die for

  8. Love what you got at the Fix - really nice stuff and great colors.

    Carly is absolutely adorabe! Just think what she'll be like when she's older!

  9. I love that first fabric too. I used a very large scale animal print for this dress. I like it better than a plain.

  10. I am in love with those patterns and the fabric--and Carly too! Your story about her is just wonderful!


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