The Green Linen Dress Begins

You can see the interfaced  pocket flaps, facings, and some of the underlined princess pattern pieces. Each section has been serged all around as both the linen and the lining fabric are prone to ravel quite a bit. I did this by pinning each piece heavily. Pins went down the center of the section and then about an inch from the edges. I stitched directionally with the serger, that is from the top down, on each section. I serged slowly to make sure nothing shifted here and all was still on grain.

Today I went back to JAs, where I bought the fabric, and it is 60% Linen and 40% Cotton, a nice combo. It doesn't  wrinkle much and has a really nice hand. I originally bought 2 yards of this fabric not knowing what I would make, but because of the lengths of all the princess sections I needed to go back and get another full length, 43 inches, to complete the cutting out. Once all was cut and I was putting the underlinings on I noticed to my horror that I cut the front of the dress with the selvedge label showing. I really really did not want to go back to buy another full length for a 5 inch wide piece. It took a while but I finally was able to find a match to the pattern. It is the lower piece you see above. I ironed the edges under for about a 1/4 inch and applied Wonder Tape to them. With the Wonder Tape is was easy to get the "patch" lined up perfectly. Once all stuck on, I applique stitched it to the dress at the center front. You really can't tell, but I am going to hold that picture till the end. It is also on the underlap of the buttons at CF so it is well hidden. I am glad I did this and so is that finicky little inner tight wad you all know I have inside.

I will be away for a few days so the green dress will stay as it is till early next week. I have the treat of visiting all my babes down in NH and Mass. It will be a hectic weekend as DD (dentist) will work on 3 teeth of mine on Saturday. Then late Sunday I will drive back home. DH has to work so he will guard the fortress while I am gone. See you on the backside.......



  1. Bunny, I love the way you fixed the problem, what a smart idea. Your dress will be beautiful and one you can wear often. Have a good weekend. Gita

  2. Good fix. I can relate to not wanting to buy even more fabric. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Good fix. I would have done the same thing. I don't understand why they couldn't have printed that information closer to the true edge of the fabric!


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