Whipped Cream

Doesn't this linen look like a bowl of whipped cream? This 100% home dec linen is the fabric for my new jacket, Badgley Mischka Platinum Vogue 1099. I am not sure what to call this jacket...the BM jacket? I don't think so. I think  Heirloom Linen Jacket will suffice due to the embellishment I plan  to put use. If you are thinking the object on top of the linen is for me to focus the camera better on this white fabric, wrong! This a tool that can be had from your local friendly dentist all for the price of just asking. It really earns it's sewing room keep with this project. To even my grain I needed pull a thread across 54 inches of nubby linen. The curved end of the tool is made just for this task. You simply slip the curved end under the thread to be pulled. Scoop it up and snip. Then just keep dipping under that thread and pulling it up, easy peasy.

Here you can see a piece of linen with pulled threads. I want to experiment with my machine and its hem stitching capabilities. There are several stitch and needle combos that can be used and this will have them all on one practice piece. I also have some hemstitching samples I have previously worked up but not on linen as heavy as this one. I will show more of the sampling  once I begin to play.  Designing where the hemstitching will go takes some thought. If the bottom of my jacket is curved, it won't work along the hemline. I like having hemstitching at the edge of the sleeve and also where the tailored sleeve connects to the smocked sleeve. but I would like to have it somewhere else as well for balance.
Right before sunset tonight the sky broke and it looks like tomorrow might be a picture day, that is after the "simple procedure" is taken care of with DH. Poor baby is having his Miralax cocktails as we speak. I'm designated driver and am not planning much for tomorrow other than smocking while I wait. Here is the bed my darling hubbie weeded the other day while I stripped sod....Bunny


  1. I know I'm suppose to comment on the sewing aspect of the post but Bunny that oasis in your backyard looks so inviting!

  2. You have my attention. Looking forward to seeing more on this project.

  3. It does look like whipped cream! And a very handy tool for pulled thread. Good luck tomorrow for your DH

  4. that fabric sure looks delicious! I can't wait to follow this project :-)

  5. Your whipped cream fabric is baeutiful and I am sure your jacket will be too. I sat here looking at your blog title and then it hit me! Yep, at 5:49 am and one cup of coffee. The artist of sewing (or the like) and you are so much an artist with your all of the projects I have viewed here. And I too, love the garden and have to show it to my Honey--he loves hostas.

  6. Tell your E. that I'll be thinking of him today & praying that all goes well.
    It was fun to speak to you last night!!

    This next project looks interesting. I have struggled to pull threads while doing my heirloom baby quilt. Now I know next time to use that dentist pick that we have at the bottom of the drawer. *smile*


    p.s. lovely back yard...I can see why you tolerate those awful winters.

  7. Yummy - and this "whipped cream" is no cal! Just my kinda stuff!

  8. Your new project looks very interesting. What caught my attention is the shade garden. It looks so peaceful, just beautiful. Gita


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