What the heck is going on with uploading photos from Blogger? There is a new format to use and it does not allow any pictures from my own computer, at least from where I am sitting.

I am livid. I had an entire post near complete and just can't get the pictures to load. There is no option other than Picasa, which I don't use, from the blog, and from URLs, nothing from my own computer. If I can't upload from my own computer I am outa heah....Bunny


  1. You can download Picassa for free.

  2. Yeah, I've had this problem but most of the time it does let you do it from your computer. The extra step of uploading to Picassa is a pain.

  3. I just went to my blog to check exactly what I had show up. On the left is Picass, URL and this blog but to the right you'll see kind of an arrow with upload and clicking this will open your pictures on your computer. See if this is what you are seeing.

  4. Yea, I think they just changed a bunch of stuff. I just uploaded from my computer about 30 minutes ago. I think it's the top link of the four. I hope that helps somewhat.

  5. Hi Bunny. I don't like the new way either because it is MUCH SLOWER. But, I was able to get them off my computer. When I open the picture window there is a button that says "Browse" and when I clicked on that it let me pick places on my computer and I was able to get the pictures. It took me HOURS yesterday to do the post about India's birthday. I do prefer the old photo loading method.

  6. Hi Bunny,

    I thought it was just me who was having issues with Blogger! Ughhh!!!

    I see this isn't the case for Dawn was having issues as well and when I visited her blog post "My Sewing Plan for Fall" beangirl had suggested you try Microsoft's Live Writer to work on your blog. Guess what??? I went and downloaded it and it works wonderfully. Check out my blog post

    Ughhh to OMG Where Have You Been This Past Year...

    If you haven't tried it yet give it a shot. ;-)

  7. Hi Bunny,

    I was having the same issues with Blogger & have gone to Windows Live Writer as well. MUCH FASTER & EASIER!!

    Sometimes my text doesn't always transfer over the same when I post the draft from Live Writer onto my blog, but its easy enough to change it then before I publish.

    Hope this helps.

    I'm playing catch up this week. LOVE the work on your jacket so far. Meticulous attention to detail, as always. :D


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