Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fall's Fading Beauty

We have had heavy frost for the past three nights and the leaves are falling to the ground in a race to see who gets there first. The deer have been chomping away daily at our apple trees, being flushed out by area hunters. The beauty of Fall is fading fast and winter is looming large. Here are a few pics I took yesterday morning.

The first is in our back yard. The deer have been enjoying the last remnants of our hostas. This is a mother and her two yearlings. She is lame in her right front leg and has been visiting the yard the past 3 years. We call her Limpy. Her limp doesn't prevent her from a fast run, however. I love how the light streamed thru the trees in this one.
 After years of selling elaborate window treatments and furniture we find we like our home simply decorated without a lot of excess stuff. I don't like anything on my windows to disrupt the view toward the river. I love how you can see the trees in all of their glory outside our "great room" windows. I hope you do too.

And finally, what is prettier than white sheets blowing in the breeze on a crisp fall day? They smelled so so good when I brought them in. They  went right on the beds for our next wave of houseguests. Lately we have been running a bed and breakfast, but no problem. DH and I enjoy it. We really enjoyed our last guests, two families with young children visiting at the same time. Yeah, things were everywhere, but the kids had a ball and so did the adults. They made forts under the ancient hemlocks, climbed trees, gave us a puppet show they all worked on for a few hours, and helped cook a lot. The adults and kids enjoyed a bonfire out on the river with some good wine and cheeses while they tossed rocks in. It was quality time. Wednesday our next group arrives and now that we have had a day or so to rest up we are looking forward to it. By early next week we should be all quiet again with more crispy clean sheets on the bed for the holiday round of visitors. 
I don't have any close by sewing friends. One of our houseguests this weekend can't sew a button but she has been cross stitching since the age of 15 and is now in her 40's. Her work is fabulous and she specialized in primitive and sampler design. She has a great eye. She and I went through my stash of buttons and also played with the trims for the CJ. Her imput was terrific. We both agreed on a different path for the buttons and trim and I will have more on that later. I will just say that now I am finally very happy with my choices. Isn't it great to have another set of eyes? eyes that can understand? When we visit her in the upcoming months she is going to take me to a cross stitch shop in the Syracuse area where I can buy my heart out on over dyed threads and such for my smocking and embroidery. I am so looking forward to it. I wish I had a picture of her work to show you...Bunny


  1. Absolutely beautiful photos. A feast for the eyes for this autumn-challenged California girl. Thank you!

  2. Gorgeous river, gorgeous sheets in the wind, and especially gorgeous interior shot. Thanks for the beautiful post this morning.

  3. Agreed. It is like that here, too, even more so in the Whites, where most of the trees have lost their leaves and there's already rime ice and frost on the highest peaks.

  4. Thanks for these beautiful pictures. It's getting cooler here too, but frost will (hopefully) still some time away.

  5. What beautiful pictures - I especially love the deers - looks like paradise. Windows - from that distance, they look like pictures on a white wall.

  6. I enjoyed the beautiful photos of your environment. Oh, how I would love to have large unadorned windows like that with views like that. Looking forward to what you & your friend dreamed up for your CJ.

  7. There is nothing like the Adirondacks in the Fall!! Love the pic with the deer.

    I was up in your neck of the woods two weeks ago visiting Lake Placid while DH had a conference. Needed to pick up some sock yarn at Adirondack Yarns!

    Looking forward to seeing your CJ complete. I haven't moved too fast on mine; muslin was taken apart but didn't get to cutting into the fabric, etc. Working on the Lady Grey SAL right now.

    TTFN...enjoy the weather.

  8. Loved hearing about "Limpy" When we were in Yellowstone saw a limpy doe, and worried about her making it through the winter. We really thought she had escaped a wolf or bear attack. Glad your limpy makes it. The trees are gorgeous and love your open windows. I live in the middle of a city & my windows are the same - open to let all the light in.

  9. Bunny, thank you so much for the beautiful fall pictures. Because I lost my sister in the fall I stopped seeing the beauty of the season. I know can see all the colors and know that we must all go through a fall in our lives but it's a good thing.


  10. What lovely views you have! Here in suburban So Cal we have maples whose leaves turn brown and drop - no lovely colors. No deer, only a few rabbits and coyotes, but we do have fun watching the birds. Great job with the windows.


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