Trims and One More Button to Go...

Our mystery item is a shuttle from one of the looms in a textile mill in New Bedford, Massachusetts. As mills closed people would bring these shuttles home, stuff the centers with dried flowers, and hang on doors or such. Sometimes candles would be jammed into the interior space. You would see them everywhere. To me they are an item of beauty. The wood has that glowing patina that only years of use by oily hands could make. I found my shuttle this past weekend during a major cleaning blitz. I've uncovered quite a few neat things that I will share as we go along here.

I did quite a few more buttonhole samples before starting on the jacket. I am pleased. Once again, this is lumpy bumpy fabric so a perfect buttonhole as you would see on a beautiful piece of worsted this isn't, but I am pleased. I have only one left to do on the CJ. It takes me one hour to do a buttonhole.

I have also started playing with trims. Here are just a few tries. I am not there yet and will play some more. The trim just may be as simple as the selvedge. We'll see.
I have houseguests right now and another wave coming at the end of the week. The only downside has been the dreary heavy rainfall that has hit the Northeast but we have been having a good time. I took this pic this morning between downpours at 8:00AM. It is amazingly dark at this time. Our river is up a good 2 1/2 feet in water level and just roaring whitewater. It has gone up another half foot since this picture has been taken. I hope all of you out there experiencing this storm are safe.....Bunny


  1. Bunny I love the first trim. Beautiful picture of the river / changing of the leaves.

  2. I believe they even made table lamps out of those shuttles... so my husband says. His grandfather worked as a lawyer for the Draper Corp. based in Hopedale, MA. They made those looms. Looks like the rain has ended for a while here in Mass... hope you enjoy a lovely weekend! ~Marni

  3. That is about as close to perfect as a buttonhole can be! Can't wait to see what trim you decide on. I like the first one but also llike the contrast offered by the second one. Any change you could combine the two?

  4. I love how the button match the cloth! elaborate and stylish!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing the fall colors with us, our leaves have not started to change yet. Love the picture of the river.

    The first trim for the jacket really is beautiful, I thought "oh wow" when I saw it, what ever you chose will be perfect.


  6. My experience with a jacket of this type suggests that a trim with a little contrast might be better. I used a trim that is exactly the same fibres as the fabric and youn can't see it. if I were doing it again I would mount the braid trim on a rather darker grosgrain to get both the belnding and the contrast. So I would go for a sort of mix or the top one and the middle one, if you see what I mean.
    It's going to be gorgeous and those!

  7. It's looking good. I like Anne Frances' ideas, a blending of a couple of trims would be nice, and if you're going with a darker button pick up those tones. I'm sure you'll find the right thing and you'll know it when you see it.

    The water was really high in the Whites, too. We stayed at Zealand Falls hut last night and the amount of water on the hike in and the amount of water in the falls was amazing and scary at the same time.

  8. Love the fabric, the button choice and it's buttonhole. Please tell why it takes a hour to make each buttonhole. I might learn something and be able to get beautiful buttonholes too.


  9. Well, I love the 3rd one cause it looks more intricate and more difficult - but then you know me! I would pick something like that. Your buttonholes look scrumptious - I don't know how you could do better on that loosely woven fabric.

    The color of fall is beautiful when the sun shines - alas, most of the fall is cloudy! Love your pictures.


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