Needle Organizing and Updates

I have been on a real organization binge lately. It sort of happens every year after the holidays. Call it Cabin Fever if you'd like but it is something I just don't enjoy on a beautiful Spring day. One of the things calling for better organization was my needle collection. Anyone who does a lot of embroidery, quilting, hand stitching of any kind, usually has a pretty extensive needle collection, no exception here. My collection was all in one place but jumbled and not staying organized.

 I stopped in Staples while down in Mass. this past weekend and picked up this cute little snap shut pink tote. That got me going.

I recycled some index cards from an old Rolodex. Using Word, I made labels for all the different needles. Most of the needles had their packs and the packs fit in the box nicely. The loose needles were put on labeled pieces of flannel. A P-Touch label was put on the lid and now I can put my finger on the exact needle I want without digging thru bunches of cards. Time well spent, IMO. But you all know how I love organization! It just makes me feel good.
The Rose sweater is coming along nicely. I have a bit more embroidery I have decided to put on the collar. I also finally found some buttons that work. They buttons are not my first choice but my first choice didn't come in the necessary size so it was on to the next option. Here you can see how I attached the felted collar to the sweater. I cut off the small collar from the sweater. It was stitched in a way that made the neckline not ravel at all. I did a small zigzag connecting the felted collar and the sweater. It is good and solid and nearly invisible.

A big thank you goes out to Nancy K of Nancy K Sews. She is another sewist who is extremely generous with her knowledge and knowledge she's got! Her suggestion of moving the waistline seam to fix the wrinkle that only appears on one side of my pants muslin was spot on. I have made that adjustment and actually cut out my January pants today. My plan is to make a pair of pants a month but each month adding "something" to the pattern. This pair will be totally plain although it is made in a subtle stripe. It is a rayon, poly, lycra, aka RPL, and has a really nice drape. When I say this pair is totally plain, I mean it will not be lined or have any pockets, simply darts and a fly. I will using the Sandra Betzina fly method, something I swear by as do many others. My February pair will be lined. I will do Hong Kong seams on the January pants. I feel strongly that HK seams give weight to a garment and help it hang better so that is a standard treatment for me to do on any pants. 

I think it will be interesting to see the different fabrics made up into pants how they can affect the drape and fit of the garment. Muslins don't react the way the final fashion fabric choice necessarily does. If anyone wants to follow along with pants making, be my guest. I will be more than happy to coach along. If nothing else I can share enthusiasm and listen to frustrations. 

Tomorrow we are forecast a low of 35 below zero and a high Sunday of five below zero! I may have these pants done even sooner than I had planned...Bunny


  1. Thank you, Thank you for showing how you organized your needles, those pesky things can be so hard to keep track of. I have been in the mood to re-organize but need a big push. Will you be showing more to help get me going?


  2. I may be doing some drawer reorganizing soon, but I don't want to make any promises! One thing at a time. I like to organize when my brain is just a little to fuzzy for being very creative. We don't always feel like Michaelangelo!

  3. Now this business of keeping all the needles in one (smallish)box makes perfect sense. I thought I had things somewhat under control with having them (sort of) all in one drawer, but the drawer houses other things also, and - you get the picture. I probably even have a box to use already! Thanks!!

  4. I have been organinzing too!!! Have all the upstairs closets and cubbies all cleaned out and straight.
    But Bunny I hadn't even realized that my needles needed organizing!!! thank you so much for reminding me!!! LOL
    Really, that is a great idea and I am going to get one of those boxes and do the same thing!!

  5. What a great idea. I never thought of keeping my needles organized, but it certainly is a wonderful idea.

  6. This IS a wonderful idea, Bunny & I would need to include a printed card as to which needle is best for what project. I get mixed up on what size is best for bullion roses (milliner's??) & what is better for picture smocking vs English smocking. Some where I saw a if I can just find it!

    Oh & "35 below zero"?????? Good Grief!! I thought our minus 8º was bad this morning. ~~shiver~~ I can't imagine it THAT cold! Pray the power stays on.

    Wish I could send you some lemon pie!

  7. Bunny, I love your idea of storing needles.
    That is such a neat idea and I shall keep that in mind for my next update in the cave.


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