Haven't hemmed those pants yet but will soon. It's been a mishmosh of finishing our taxes and spring cleaning lately. I did decide last night, as a direct result of my cleaning/re-org, that I wanted to make two bags. One will be inspired my my Chanel Jacket which I have been working on. Suffice it to say that I will never use the Chanel bag with the Chanel jacket, just too matchy matchy. But on its own, I think the Chanel bag, aka, CB, will be pretty cute. My inspiration were two pockets I made for the jacket that I decided were too small of a scale but couldn't throw out. I barely sqeaked out enough boucle to make the bag. The gusset and loops will be faux leather.
 The second bag is just some fabric that jumped out at me for it's "Spring-iness". What's more spring that pussy willows and a chartreuse green? It also will have a faux leather gusset. I like using the faux leather as it is easy to keep and stay clean.
This is probably the 5th or 6th time I have made this bag. I will be using  Butterick 4409.
  Lately bags that are "long" have really seemed particularly attractive to me. I have never made this design specifically for myself. If you read the notes you can see that my first bag had a slight mistake that I didn't notice till the end. Oddly enough, it all went together and looked fine although I did have a bit of a struggle. So my dumdum notes tell me the curve of the bag goes on the top and the sharp corners go on the bottom. I know....
The CB will be like the pink view and the pussy willow bag, aka PB, will have no pocket and a handle similar to the top left bag.

I am really excited about making these. I have done bagathons before and they can be so productive. I've committed this pattern to oaktag as I know I will definitely be making it again. Shouldn't take long to finish these. I will also get the hems on my Mud Season pants eventually and get a pic up too. Just not feeling the excitement at this point so be patient with me...Bunny


  1. I love your blog so much! I enjoyed seeing how you write comments on the pattern envelopes; I do this in my cookbooks and never thought about writing on my patterns.

    Please keep writing!!


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