Liberty of London Treats!

During our trip south, we were able to hook up with some dear friends. Claude  had just come back from London and presented me with just the perfect gift. The lucky babe was able to go to the Liberty of London store. Claude doesn't sew but definitely can appreciate my efforts. When she walked in her first thought was, "OMG, Bunny would go crazy in here."  And, yes I would! She brought me back these two darling stars filled with beautiful ombre ribbons. They are a 1/4 inch wide and gorgeous, a perfect size for a sweet baby's garment. Her suggestion was to hang them on the Christmas tree, a pretty good idea I thought. I hope you are all blessed with friends that understand your passion like Claude does mine. THANKS, CLAUDE!...Bunny

Right now I am on a simplify and purge binge, using Craig's list bigtime. I need to get going on my April pants and some smocking. Let's see what inspires me.......


  1. Bunny - what an amazing gift! So kewl that your friends understand your passion!

  2. What a wonderful, thoughtful gift. I would have a hard time using the ribbon it is so pretty just as it is. I know you will do something amazing with it.


  3. What a present! I really would like to get to know your friends, and make them mine!

  4. Oh they are lovely! I would have a hard time using them too. What pretty ribbon stars! I want to go to Liberty someday. Your lucky friend!

  5. I didn't manage to get to Liberty whilst in London last month (:. Now that I see your lovely ribbons I certainly wish I had made it there!

    Can't wait to see the April pants.

  6. What very beautiful & thoughtful gifts! Maybe someday we'll both get to go to Liberty of London's. ~~insert crossed fingers~~

  7. Those are just beautiful - soft colors and delicate looking, perfect for the heirloom things you create.


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