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Several days ago my husband discombobulated the back basement, two rooms worth. This was all to make room for cords of hardwood to be stacked in the house. Like a runamuck bulldozer things were tossed, piled, and shoved left and right to accommodate the wood. We are now prepared for winter. We will not freeze. But, Alleluia, what a friggin mess was left behind. So, since my company has been gone I have been putting things back in order. One moved item meant two others had to be moved to accommodate it. Long story short, I reorganized the back rooms of the basement, one is my good sized fabric room, as well as the fabric closet. That's all OK. I wanted to make some moves to do more decorating and got to do a bit. 
This baker's rack was reconsigned to the sewing room . I needed a place for my new magazine boxes. I made six and have 3 more to go.
 I picked up six shiny, gray,  corrugated cardboard magazine holders at Office Max for 16.98 (I think). I covered them with fabric using Elmer's Spray Glue. The hardware was tied with a double layer of black cord elastic run through the screw holes. It fits really nice and snug. A few fonts printing out the mag names to be tucked inside and I was done. It was really quite easy. I need to do more name plates but have used all my cord. I'll finish shortly. People also make these out of Cheerio boxes as well as Priority Mail boxes from the Post Office. The Priority Mail boxes must legally only be used for mailing. They are given out for free with the understanding that you will return with them having something inside to be mailed. But if  you have some used boxes you are holding onto, (I never throw them out), they make great magazine holders as well.
I also spray painted a wicker CD holder. In it are all the goodies I need for cutting: rotary cutters of various sorts and sizes, rulers, hip curves, tracing paper, pressing tools and more. I find this very convenient. It sits right at the end of the cutting table. I like this a lot. 

While doing all this cleaning I did find a few neat items. Is this cape pattern on trend or what? Ok, the hat is a bit ridiculous and the length a bit off but the basic cape is yummy with those huge welts.Gotta love it. 

I also found the first sewing book I ever owned, one given to me by my mom when I was 13. It was published in 1961. I remember using this as a reference to make my wedding gown. It sure needs a good wipe on the cover. That will easily be taken care of.  This book served me well for many years.
One more accomplishment today: finding a home for my hard copy patterns, the TNTs. I hung a curtain rod on a blank wall in the fabric closet and can stand back far enough to see it all at a glance. I think I will like this a lot.
A simple curtain rod and some paper clips used to string up each individual pattern and hang them on the rod worked really well. 

Now its time to get back to sewing. You all know how I can't sew with disorder. Disorder is now in order and I am good to go.......Bunny


  1. Excellent! I love the look of the fabric covered magazine boxes. That really makes them such a part of the decor. I have several of the boxes, but unfortunately, they don't match or do anything for the room. I desparately need a room make-over, so I will be using this idea. Thanks.

  2. Basements are in the top 5 list of things I miss, living in Florida. The changing leaves and smell of autumn are right up there, also. Really pretty mag holders.

  3. Love the fabric covered mag boxes. Mine are all a jumble of different sizes, but at least I have labels on them. If only they were in the sewing room instead of the linen closet...

    Our wood gets delivered in the morning. But we never freeze anyway, thank the Lord.

  4. Looks great! My IL's heat with wood and I know how everything gets tossed aside when it is wood stacking time.

  5. Great looking additions. Now come down here and help me!

  6. My hubbin is a Letter Carrier for the USPS...and I had to giggle when I read your Priority Box disclaimer. Good thing you put that in there, Bunny. I'd hate to have to turn ya in! ;0)

    Seriously, your sewing room is looking gawgeous. I'm inspired to make some changes in my own space.


  7. Thanks for the tip on using those boxes for our magazines, Bunny! I tried making one from a cereal box but it was too flimsy. I love how pretty you made yours.

    The wicker caddy looks wonderful, too. I have something very similar but yours is nicer.


    p.s. No WONDER you're so good at this sewing've been doing it since you were 13????!!!!!


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