Wednesday, November 9, 2011

And the Winner is.....

I used Random Generator and number 49 came up. and the winner is:  Beth of  Salmon 53 !!! ( I did not count my personal comment.) Congratulations and thanks so much for leaving your comment and joining the fun. Please email me ASAP. I will be leaving tomorrow for 2 weeks down in New England. If I get your snail mail address quickly enough I will mail your package out tomorrow. If not, it will be mailed out when I return.  I am at bunnypep at gmail dot com.

I really want to thank everyone for the wonderful comments. I haven't enjoyed reading so many comments in a long time. There were some great stories here. We all seem to have much  in common. There were wonderful accounts of Singer sewing classes, great Home Ec teachers, bad Home Ec teachers, wonderful relatives, and sheer self determination. I congratulate you all on having such opportunities come into your life that taught you this lifelong passion. And congrats to the more recent devotees of this wonderful craft. I really appreciate the stories you shared.


I will be leaving tomorrow for two weeks in New England. I am bringing my machine to do some more homedec sewing while at Audrey's. She has a wonderful craft room where I can set up. I also will be watching the twins and their big brother at Jen's for  a week while she and hubby "do Paris". And the beginning of our trip will start with visiting the Cape and DH's mom who had a heart attack and stent yesterday. She is not doing well, is to old for any further intervention and her time appears on the horizon. So this will be an important trip. I will miss you all and may get some free moments to check the blogroll but won't be posting until I get back.

I'll also be meeting with my wonderful sister and we may hit the new Fabric Place Basement. I can't wait! More when I get back.......

greytone  wanted to know if those that receive my "beautiful dresses" and "their Mothers" "appreciate them" and save them in heirloom boxes. Here is my answer:

My daughters definitely appreciate the "heirloom" value of the clothing I make for their children. I would not sew for them if they didn't. They love for their girls to wear their pretty dresses to family events and special occasions. Sophie's parents will have three holiday parties at their home over the season and Sophie will wear her dress to each, similar with Carly. Audrey (mom) and Sophie play "model" and she takes pictures of her in her dresses to keep for posterity. Every dress I have ever made Sophie and Carly is still hanging in their closets. Nothing has gotten packed or (horribly) given away. Audrey likes to go in the closet and see the "pretties". Jen has saved everything as well. It would be such a thrill to see the next generation wear these classic clothes as did my cousins with the dresses my grandmother made for their Moms.

Heirloom clothing is definitely worth the effort. It may take a bit of education to get the rest of the family to appreciate it but they can be educated.  Mine didn't take much education, having absorbed by osmosis the efforts their Mom went to to keep them well dressed over the years.

I learned many years ago, the hard way,  not to waste my efforts on those who don't appreciate them. You figure those things out over time and it  is an unfortunate learning curve sometimes. At this stage, I know who understands and appreciates all the time, effort and creativity that has gone into their gifts. My girls do. I am blessed....Bunny


  1. Bunny, I think your family is blessed to have such a talented mom/g'mom who shares her gifts with them. You have led your family by your great example and generosity. The dress is beautiful!

  2. May this trip be a blessing for you and your family.

    Safe travels.

  3. Will be interested in hearing your review of The Fabric Place Basement. Did you know that Sew-fisticated Fabrics is now in the old Fabric Place building?
    Blessings to your MIL on her last journey.

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