Sunday, November 17, 2013

American Girl Double Doll Carrier, McCalls 5019

This project was completed last night and this afternoon, quick and cute! It is a gift for my little granddaughter, Carly. Rumor has it that if she is a very good girl Santa may bring her a second American Girl doll for Christmas.  And this is a carrier for TWO American Girl dolls, perfect for girly overnights and friendly visits to Grandma's.

This is McCall's 5019. The pattern features some cute jammies, a sleep fleece, a robe, a dolly sleeping bag, a "chair/pillow" and the double doll carrier. I don't think there is any other pattern out there like this, one that accomodates two dolls and all their paraphernalia at once. It is VERY easy and is ripe for additional embellishment. which I did. The heart design comes in the pattern. 

This is made from inexpensive 100% quilter's cotton from Joanns. You don't need anything fancier than that to make this wonderful, IMO. Whenever I make something for my granddaughters I try to make it in colors that will flatter them. Carly is platinum blond with turquoise eyes and a big tooth missing in front, therefore the turquoise fabrics. And because she loves animal prints I threw in a bit of zebra too. Anyone can do leopard, you know! ;)

The entire outer bag, other than the pocket is interfaced and I used Decor Bond here. The pocket is simple a large rectangle folded in half to make the top edge. I thought that edge was a bit weak so I added the black bias tape and some more calico to give it a little more heft. 

This is easy peasy. I cut it out in short time last night. There is a big chunk of fusing to be done here and that took a bit of time. Then I basically made two tote bags, one being the lining. The lining has the pockets added to the sides to accommodate the dolls. Stitch lining to bag, turn, and done! Need a cute Christmas or Hanukkah gift? You can whip this out in no time. I did topstitch the top edge to keep it from turning out. 

Opinion: Easy, great gift, nothing complicated and fun! Highly recommend. It will make your little darling very happy!
I want to sew. I want to blog about sewing. My attentions lately have not been on either. We have major company coming for Thanksgiving. Since we downsized to our little retirement home in the Adirondacks we have always gone to our daughters' homes for the holidays. They are much better equipped at this stage to do lots of entertaining. But this year, this year it's at our home, at their request, and we really are excited. I will have 8 adults and five children for dinner. Some will go to the lodge up the road, very nice, and others will be staying in our home. We are so looking forward to it. So the past two weeks we have been cleaning, moving furniture, finishing overdue decorating projects, etc You know how that works. I must say the house is looking pretty good. So if I am scarce for the next few weeks you will know why. We will have a repeat at Christmas! Prime rib, anyone?..................Bunny

Here's our new back foyer off the family room, all of which were ruined by last fall's flood. Finally done......


  1. Very cute bag tote for the Am. girl dolls and love your back entry!


  2. Fantastic bag, she will love it! Enjoy your company and holiday, we will catch up soon!

  3. Very cute! I haven't made the tote but I did do the sleeping bag and robe. I used some left over fleece and flannel and it was very cute!

  4. Such a cute little item. Sadly, I don't have any little girls to sew for:(
    Your home is so lovely.

  5. I really like the bag. Plenty of functional pockets.

  6. The dolly carrier is just absolutely perfect, Bunny! Your choice of turquoise with the bold black & white zebra really sings & how smart you were to add extra trim & binding to that pocket that will get LOTS of use, I'm sure.
    Love how your foyer turned out, too. I wish I could see their faces when they come in & see all the children's photos displayed so beautifully. Good Job!!!

  7. Her 2 dolls will really be styl'n in that carrier!!! Your back foyer is beautiful!!!

  8. I love your choice of colors, I'm sure your DGD will love it. The foyer is beautiful; I know what you mean about getting ready for the holidays!

  9. It's not only a lovely personal keepsake gift for your DGD, but so beautifully made. Your foyer is beautiful.

  10. You do everything with so much style...dolly totes to thanksgiving folks...enjoy your company, let them help in the kitchen, pour another glass of wine and relax...we all have these duties to perform for both grateful and ungrateful glad you have the good kind! See you later, alligator!

  11. Oh so cute! I may need to make one for Ahnalin's dolls!

  12. Love those colors Bunny! That bag is precious, and I know Carly will love it.


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