Monday, April 21, 2014

Another White Shirt, Simplicity 6076

A new project begins! I believe a girl can never have too many white shirts and I certainly know I can never have enough. Digging in the stash the other day for something totally unrelated led me to this eyelet. I can't remember where it came from, perhaps my former neighbor, Ima. I'm not sure. But, I think it will make a lovely addition to my white shirt collection.

I am going really simple with the pattern here, Simplicity 6076. This is a blouse I have made before and been happy with. I love the two piece 3/4 sleeves and the simple collar, no band! It is shoulder princess seam style.  I think this could even look great with the Donna Karan jumper. And I am up to a bit of natural fiber after all those knits. Speaking of, I did finish another knit top and will have pics of that soon. It was a whip out.

I have to think out this blouse a bit. It is cut out and I see no issues there but for the construction, well, it's eyelet. I don't think I want to line it but maybe just the bodice? That will help hide the seam allowances. It is too lumpy bumpy, IMO, to get a nice french seam and I am not sure how well even the serger would work. You see  I am talking myself into  lining this, don't you?

Ever have one of those days wear the hurrier you go the behinder you get? It seems like the last couple of weeks have been that way with much taking my attention, one varied thing after another, just lots of unconnected dibs and dabs. I am looking forward to a whole day of sewing soon but that may be a while. A whole day of gardening would go over really well too. I am needing to finalize all I need to do, bring and deal with for my trip to Palm Springs. You've heard it before but I am SO looking forward to this class with Claire Shaeffer. From all I have read it looks to be a fabulous experience. I have one more thing on my notions list to get and that will be taken care of. I will have my tablet and camera with me so I can post, if time allows. I am so looking forward to meeting others who are as passionate about sewing as I am and as you are too, dear readers.  Will surely keep you posted. 


Our children were away on vacations this Easter so hubby and I spent the weekend close to home but we had a wonderful time. On Easter Sunday, a glorious crystal blue day, we went for a hike at one of our favorite haunts, Meacham Lake. The lake is still frozen but the snow and frost have left enough to get a decent enough hike in. It was utterly quiet at the lake and no one was around except us and one large grunting animal. We never saw it so don't know what it was but it did put us on high alert. All in all in was a lovely glorious day shared with the man of my dreams. I hope your holiday has been wonderful and family have been close by and the spirit of renewal has blessed your day....Bunny


  1. Brrr, that lake looks icy cold considering it's spring! But I'm familiar with where you live and I know it takes a while for things to thaw up there. So happy to hear you're taking a class from Claire Shaeffer. She's such an excellent sewer, and teacher, too, from what I hear. Have a great time!

  2. Bunny
    .I am eager to follow this project. I think of eyelet as "sheer" from the stand point that I need to do something to preserve my modesty or the garment becomes an undergarment/lingerie not to be seen. Looking forward to learning from you.

  3. Lovely fabric. I agree, white shirts are such a useful staple.

  4. Lovely to see you in my inbox; always makes my day!

    I am sure the shirt will be sublime, and I want to wish you a fantastic time with Claire and the ladies that will be joining you on the course. Cannot wait to receive your postings. Thank you so much for sharing, especially for those of us that couldn't make it to the USA to meet the lovely Claire and learn from her.

    Travel safely Bunny, most of all have fun.

  5. As a Floridian I would be loath to line an eyelet blouse and destroy all that natural air conditioning! Maybe Hong Kong the seams with white silk and a white silk cami?

    1. I have contemplated that. In our climate, lining is good but if I were in Florida I would surely share your sentiments.

  6. I agree with Georgia, being in Southern California; plus I have my own natural "steam episodes". But a fairly sheer white batiste lining would still be cool, and should give you enough modesty. I love the fabric, it looks like it will be very comfortable.

  7. Your next white shirt will surely be beautiful, starting out with such a lovely fabric, Bunny! I ♥♥♥ eyelet, in any color, but esp. white.
    I feel like I'm playing catch up, too. Nice weather always brings so many outdoor chores with it, that my sewing gets put on the back burner for a bit.
    Your Easter walk looks lovely but that scary sound would have had me running for the car, toot sweet! Yikes! I once heard a deer outside my den window on a warm summer evening & it scared the crap oughta me...they grunt, too. ~~shudder~~

  8. I love how exploring the stash can lead you in a totally different direction. Good pattern choice for the fabric.

  9. Why are we so drawn to eyelet? Is it the texture or thoughts of days gone by that draws us to slide our fingers over the bumps and valleys and imagine summer days? Wish I could escape the sewing room and drive south to join you in Palm Springs! Spring walks can be dangerous here...bears emerging from hibernation are hungry and grouchy having had the winter with cubs in a confined space!


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