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Friday, August 15, 2014

Tammy's Dress is done!

My friend Tammy's bridesmaid dress is complete. Since it is a simple knit cowl column it does not look good on the hanger. It also does not look good on my dress form as we are built quite differently. Tammy is petite but carries her weight in her shoulders, which by the way gives her a lovely neckline area that this dress emphasizes. But it makes her dress want to fall of of a form with almost no shoulders. So here it is in it's packing bag for you. I know, rather ridiculous. But she promises me a full pic when her full hair and makup are done.

I did get the ultimate compliment. She called me about an hour after she got home from work. Seems she tried on the dress with silver heels and bling and her husband loved it and wanted me to know. I'll take that!

When I get a better photo I will do a review on the pattern and some of the changes I did on it. The lining worked out really well and I did some fun games with French tacks to keep the movement but to not let it fly out of the slit. I had her walk around the room and twirl and that worked really well, so more to come on the finishing when the pics come in. In the meantime thanks for your patience.

Not much publishing lately but I have also been nursing what has turned out to be a bladder infection and kidney stone passing, worse pain ever ever. So now that the rotten little rock has moved on and Tammy's dress is complete, I will be starting back on the Ikat jacket. First order of business will be the flat lining. Hope you join me by following along.  I also have an interview coming up with a wonderful designer. Until then, happy stitching!.......


  1. I look forward to seeing it on Tammy. Your bagging looks familiar. Similar to mine.

  2. Oh no. Kidney stones are the worst, from what I hear. Passing one is like childbirth.

    1. eek! my mom said the same thing, after three children via the 'birth canal', including a fun-packed thirty six hours expelling me, her first. Stones are worse.

      Bunny, i sure hope you are feeling much better now and continue on so! I've managed to avoid stones and childbirth both, for now (ha, i know i''m clear of kids at my age!). But a few peeps close to me have had them, fortunately it seems for most people if you're diligent about diet, water, etc. you can avoid more stones in future. I fervently hope this is the case for you!

      Can't wait to see the dress on Tammy herself - fantastic compliment from hubby already! Brava! steph

  3. Great reward with a nice comment on your dress...but now a kidney stone...OH LORDIE! Please take care of yourself, Bunny and don't rush into anything until you are really ready!!!! Of course we will be following you on your next project as you work your magic! Meeting a is good!

  4. Can't wait to see the dress on your friend! I'm sure she's going to look amazing!

  5. That was the most wonderful compliment to get. Can't wait to see the dress.
    Take care of yourself. Such pain is horrible.

  6. Oh God bless you Bunny.We are so sorry to learn of your pain - brave girl!
    can't wait to see the pictures of the dress you have made for your friend
    Be good to yourself.xx

  7. I'm so very sorry to hear about the stones, Bunny!! DH has had them & it IS AWFUL. Keep drinking fluids!!!

    I look forward to seeing the modeled photos of Tammy in her beautiful dress. I love that color!


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