Saturday, February 7, 2015

Loom bag #3

The lining is nearly complete. I love this Manet inspired print. It's light and lets the goodies show up nicely. I so detest dark linings but you've heard  that one before!

On the left are loops that can hold skeins of fibers. On the right the two big loops will hold the copper shedding device. And in the middle is a pocket for other goodies. The other lining side will be a lot busier, with spots for needles, scissors, etc. In the side seams will be loops to secure the loom itself from floating around and getting messed up although I am having another idea as well to restrain it and keep it from being bothered by the other parts in the bag. More on that to come.

The pockets are in and were pretty straightforward. I did a lot of googling to check out their construction and didn't find much different from the way I've always done them. There will be a tute coming on this and other zipper applications in Next Level Sewing. NLS will resume Monday with advice on how to  be a discerning tutorial seeker. I picked up a few ideas as I searched out making zipper pockets and some light bulbs went on. I am looking forward to sharing  with you all.


  1. I have a lovely zipped pouch, a present, and unfortunately the strap started to come away. I've never made a pouch, but last night, I managed to dismantle as much as I needed to and repair it. I had a great sense of achievement and the unusual feeling that I would like to make one from scratch. I didn't get anywhere with tutorials but fortunately was told that it was made by bagging and I've bagged 2 jackets and a skirt. I'm looking forward to your NLS blog on tutorial seeking. I've come across some that I recognise as being wrong not just showing a different method. Unfortunately I don't have the experience to recognise this all the time and that means I don't always recognise a really good one, either. Even my in person tutors don't always get it right. Thank you, I'm enjoying your series.

    1. You are welcome, Anne. After looking at tons of tutes for the pockets I started to see patterns that really helped identify if the person sharing their knowledge (or lack thereof) knew what they were doing. Hopefully this will be helpful to you.

      For some reason your comment posted twice so I am going to delete the duplicate. Thanks for your comments.

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  3. Oh, a post on how to be a discerning tutorial seeker would be just great! I'm not a complete beginner, but still have plenty to learn and sifting through myriad tutorials can be a bit overwhelming.

  4. Great idea Bunny; it would be very helpful to have some pointers for selecting those who know what they are doing, before spending hours searching through the possibilities....... Your Manet fabric is fabulous! Thanks, Sue.

  5. Such a beautiful fabric. The bag is going to be gorgeous.

  6. You continue to delight us with cool pockets and techniques and oo la la fabrics!


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