Thank you!

Thank you to all of you for your kind words and unbridled encouragement regarding the "wedding" dress. You spur on my creativity more than you know and I greatly appreciate it. Each and every comment is always savored and appreciated. 

 I love that you endorse the wearing of hats. Wouldn't the world be a much prettier place with lovely hats around every corner?  Let's face it, it's the only reason I watch the Kentucky Derby. 

A bit more info:  I pegged my skirt even more than I mentioned in previous posts, pegging each of the four skirt pieces in by 3/4 of an inch.  A total of 3 inches was removed from the skirt width  near the hem. That was done by tapering in from below the hips. This pattern really needs that, IMO,  otherwise frumposis sets in. 

I loved the collar on this dress. Many of the reviews I read stated they had a hard time getting it to fit properly. I just followed the markings and let it land wear it felt like and I think that worked out just fine. On different fabric it would be lovely with a brooch right where the two collar ends meet. 

Now, just a couple of responses to Su-z and Marysia. 

To Su-Z:    This Very Easy Vogue pattern has great fit opportunity with all the darts and cup options as well as the impressive back curvature. I don't think it will take much to make it work for most sizes without too much frustration. I hope you give it a go. 

Beading the zipper really is quite simple and as long as a back stitch is used, it is quite sturdy. My dancing proved that! 

To Marysia:  Doing a blogpost on adding a vent to a skirt sounds like a great idea! I will do my best to squeeze it in. Our home is taking a lot of our attention right now so I have to really squeeze my sewing time in with competing projects and temptations. The rain has worked to my sewing advantage but I don't know how long that will last.  Thanks for your vent idea. 


I am very near completing the Rusted Layered Tunic and here's a little tease. Last night I cut out a muslin for the sleeve and basted it in. I learned that trick from Claire Shaeffer. The sleeve is "hung" in muslin after the jacket or top is fitted and complete. Adjustments are made and a second muslin is recut and basted in if needed and I will do that tonight. If it works, the sleeves will be cut out and installed. This top feels and looks so comfy.  Sleeves always look so weird once adjusted so I will definitely sew in that second attempt. Till then....................Bunny   


  1. I meant to comment on the dress post, so lovely and great fit . That is such a good term, frumposis, perfectly apt. Also caused by hemming at the wrong spot and certain sleeve lengths, imo. And that trick with the sleeve Muslins, yep, do that all the time. Works really well, good advice that.

  2. My daughters say I am channelling my mom when I come up with terms like "frumposis". I think they are right. Glad you like the dress.

  3. Hi there Darling Bunny,
    I too loved the Frumposis reference.................please may I steal it?! lol.
    Thank you also for considering the tutorial on the dress/skirt vent. Will watch out for it. I know it will be the ultimate in perfecting this part of an outfit.
    Hugs as always. Marysia.

  4. Bunny,

    I meant to tell you that your dress and hat were really beautiful.


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