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"A study at the Kellogg School of Management in the US found that when those tested were given a doctor’s lab coat they were very diligent at completing cognitive tasks. When they were told the same coat was a “painter’s jacket” their performance dipped markedly.  They call this “enclothed cognition” – what you wear affects your mindset, and ultimately performance. "....Kate from Fabrikated and her informative post on suits. 

I do hope you follow Kate. Her views on fashion are always interesting and it is fun to follow her amazing Kate made garments. ..............Bunny


  1. I remember reading/hearing about a similar study that found people wearing jeans to work were more casual/informal when speaking with customers on the phone than those in more traditional business attire.

    I work in an office building (meaning there are quite a few businesses in our complex but they are all office jobs vs being more blue-collar). I was coming in today behind a woman that had on an oversized t-shirt with jeans that were big and baggy and dragging the ground. The hems were frayed and she was walking on them with her Birkenstocks.

    I don't think everyone needs to wear suits daily, but I just don't see how that is acceptable workwear. Even if you're going to work in a cubicle with no customer interaction.

    I'll never get it. And I try not to judge. I just know that my own personal style of dressing for work will always be above 'business-casual dress' and just shy of 'professional dress' (which I think is full on suit/hoisery/etc).

    1. Just this week one of our college age employees showed up with way more skin that clothing. She got a talking to but just didn't get it or so she said and thought the boss had a problem not her. We are not talking shorts and a tee here, either. Think beach volleyball with extremely short shorts. We work with the public, too. So much has changed when it comes to professional dress or lack thereof. Sigh......

    2. I just don't get it!!!!!


      Last week, my 16 year old son said we should go to the movies and to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner. He still changed from his t-shirt and basketball shorts to a button-front shirt (casual; short sleeves and with a novelty print) and khakis. To go to BWW and the movies! Because loungewear isn't outside wear!!!

      LOL! I'm done ranting I suppose. For now!

  2. Good article. I'm most interested in the last couple paragraphs - the one you pulled and the next one, which mentions how remote employees feel the need to get dressed for work even when no one will see them. I know that what I wear affects my attitude and my sense of self. And I don't want to be sloppy in my attitude or in how I think of myself!

  3. The old saying of dress for the job you want not the job you have, isn't just to impress the management or those who do the hiring.

    I fear my DS is one who needs to be pried out of his t-shirts and often tatty jeans. He will put on something nicer, but only on direct orders :-( Now that he's moved out, it will be interesting to see how he fares once out of tech school on job interviews.

  4. Thanks dear Bunny for your generous remarks - it's so lovely to have you back. Xxxxx

  5. You are welcome, Kate. Your blog always promotes positive thought and critique and I really appreciate that.


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