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It's a busy week for sewing bloggers, at least the ones like me that don't plan ahead too well. I stumbled on this tutorial through Pinterest for making "burrito" style pillowcases. I highly recommend it as it very clearly explains the process  and is well photographed. The "burrito" technique is also the name of a method often used on yokes on tailored shirts, same principle and one you can find in the tutorials on this blog. Just click on the tab above. I needed five pillowcases for my grandchildren. Here you can see them all rolled up like burritos and ready for their first line of stitching. All components are in that tube!

Each child's pillowcases relates to them somehow. One loves Harry Potter, another butterflies, etc. A word to the wise if you try this. Any design that is directional will give you a migraine as you try to figure out which way to lay it out so the writing is going the correct way. In the link I've given you there are comments as to how to do this but I found them confusing. I really thought I had it the right way but clearly I didn't. Truthfully, my Zack will be thrilled with his Harry Potter pillowcase and won't mind at all which way the letters are going, so I'm not going to stress about it.

There are three pieces of fabric to each pillowcase. It was a lot of fun coordinating everything. My new steam press was really invaluable on this project which is nothing but flat rectangles. Basically. the pieces are pinned together. The hemband is wrapped around. Then it all is turned right side out through the tube. Next comes making the pillowcase with French seams and then done. Everything is enclosed. No raw seams or threads anywhere!

I put these together "production" style with every process happening to all the pieces before I moved to the next task. I think that really helped me save time. They were all cut out, then pinned and the burrito stitched. Then the French Seams to all of them, easy peasy, done! All five took me an afternoon. These will make great stocking stuffers.

The Marcy Tilton dress is done and I love it, I really do. I did a lot to that pattern to make it work  for me and my fabric and can't wait to tell you all about it. I wore it to our Christmas brunch at work and received many compliments. While I wanted to take pics then, it just wasn't the right, as in proper, moment to do that. I have the entire blogpost written and will hopefully have pics of me in it soon. I could put it on the dress form but I know that's not what you really want to see. Here's a little tease, the interesting hemline:

The MT post would have gotten up sooner but my husband had some unexpected health issues. He is doing much better now and things are back on track. It did require lots of Dr. appointments and visits to Syracuse for care, hours away. We are good now and all is full bore for Christmas, visiting our children and families. All will be fine and he has great doctors. In the meantime I definitely have my garment sewing mojo back and have lots of things on the burner. Can't wait to share it all with you. ....Bunny


  1. Those pillowcases are a great idea for the grandkids! I will have to keep them in mind next time I see the novelty prints go on sale. :)

    I am glad your husband is receiving such good care. Truly a blessing.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family, Bunny!

  2. I'm going to look up the burrito method - such nice pillowslips. Hope everyone stays well (glad hubby is better) and you all enjoy a wonderful holiday.

    1. Looks like my link disappeared, Coco. Here it is and I'll go fix it. They are so easy and this is a great tutorial. Happy Holidays to you, too!

  3. Darling Bunny, So sorry to hear that your beloved Ern has not been feeling so good. However, thrilled to learn that the medical team have him stable and back on track.

    Thank you as always for your inspirational blog. Cannot wait to see you in your dress, which I am sure is beautifully modelled, as always.

    Happy Christmas to you and your
    family.Travel safely.

  4. Thanks, Marysia. He's doing great and is getting great care. Merry Christmas to you to. I am so glad your gift was finally selling your property in Turkey. I bet you are so glad that phase of your life is over. Prayers for all and Merry Christmas.

  5. Good to hear all is well for Christmas! And what a great idea with the pillow cases. I'm sure the grandchildren will be very excited to see what theirs will be. I will bookmark this for when (if) I have any grandkids :)

  6. My only issue with these pillowcases, and pretty much all pillowcases is the corner that is french seamed. It's rather lumpy, or at least lumpier than I'd like. I think I need to trim that back somehow to get a nicer point. I was able to steam these into nice corners but have a feeling that a toss around the washer and dryer could bring back the lumpies.

  7. Glad your sweetie is doing better and that life is back on track. Enjoy your Christmas!

  8. Merry Christmas, Bunny! Thanks for all you share with us.


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