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Thursday, September 28, 2023

#$!S#%$# It's me.


I cannot tell you how much I detest doing this. The true word is one my mother told me not to ever use, "hate". I hate doing this. It is such a total time waster and there is nothing, nothing pleasureable about, for me.  This is not the first PDF I've used. I've used a whole bunch with bags and children's patterns but my adult pattern PDFs are few and far between. It's a like childbirth. It's awful but you do it again, once enough time has lapsed to trick your brain into a redo. Again, for me. 

I no longer have a printer. We don't use them often enough and have burnt through two in the last couple of years due to that fact. We are not far from the local library so its easy to run and get things printed there. For whatever reason. when I wanted to print this from my thumb drive, they were not accomodating. I was so itching for the much valued instant gratification PDF lovers enjoy. The next day, I ran into town and Staples. "Can you print this AO size, please?"  "What's AO?" was the help I recieved. No one knew what AO paper was. I took my credit card and went over to the copy machine and printed it all out on A4 paper, all while pondering how many trees sacrificed their bark for my long gone instant gratification. Ugh....

This is not a diss on Indies. I order paper patterns from them  but this particular pattern only came PDF and I was truly smitten by it. It was FREE, too. This justified my A4 copying but I was not going to  waste gas, time and attitude driving around (I was already in town and knew where other print shops were)  plus searching online looking for someone to do my copies AO. I went A4.  Then, when I actually started to cut and tape, all semblance of kindness and patience left my body. 

What I am smitten by is the Imby Flowy Top from Karmme Apparel. It is described by the designer as being not designed by a professional pattern maker and she asks for your  kindness and patience.  It is not graded and she thinks it will fit sizes 8-14 Australian. I have no clue what that is. No measurements, other than finished are offered. Based on the measurements given, and the fact that I don't take a size 8 AUS, I will just hack at it and remove volume here and there. This little top take 2.75 yards of 45 inch.  So once this monster pattern from planet PDF is complete, I will trace to tissue and make it a little more petite friendly. It has MASSIVE amounts of fabric in the design, which is part of the charm, but I do think I need to bring that down before I turn into a parachute. It is a really darling pattern and one that I hope to make this winter in anticipation of our vacation overseas, next summer. I am planning that wardrobe now! 


Bit by bit I keep picking at my workshop. I redid all my fabrics and cleaned up my shelving. There is nothing on top of them anymore which I like. My wools and bottomweights are on one of two big Rubbermaid 72x24 inch units. I realized too late that my wools were all on the side very close to  a lot of bright lighting. I have seen fabric ruined by lighting in retail stores and have a definite fear of it. I refold my fabrics twice a year to prevent it. To prevent it here, I placed two Command hooks at the top of the unit. Then I Put a buttonhole on each end of  a width of shirting that I could still use if I really wanted to. Nothing is cut from what it was. It is just hemmed top and bottom. I gathered the top onto a wooden dowel hanging around and slipped the hooks thru the buttonholes. No fading for my dear wools! 
The Wedding Guest dress is complete and I will wear it in two days. I hope to get some good pictures from the wedding. It was quite a project. Take care and Happy Sewing.................Bunny


  1. I have the same issues. I have several patterns I love and haven't used due to their non-availability on AO paper!
    AO paper is generally 33.1 x 46.8 inches. You can get it printed wherever there is a wide printer, aka plotter, usually 36" wide carriage.
    I tried Office Depot who said they could do it. Long story short, after much run around and multiple calls to up the price, they lost my thumb drive and then said they don't do that type of printing.
    However, good old Google gave me several options. I have used both PDF Plotting and The Plotted Pattern with good results. The Plotted Pattern works better for me due to location. Here are several to avoid future frustration: is on the East Coast; which is in the Northwest US; is in Southern CA; in Ontario; in Virginia;
    Blackbird Fabrics in Vancouver, and probably many more.
    To me, the price is definitely worth removing the frustration!

    1. Thanks, Lynda. That is really helpful. I will make sure to keep this info and use it next time. Greatly appreciated.

  2. Hi Bunny. As an Australian-American, I know that Aussie sizes are usually one above US sizes. Therefore a US 12 would generally be an Aussie 14, a US 10 would be a 12 and so forth. This is just a rule of thumb. I'm always flattered when I return to the US and find myself in a size 12 anything!

    1. Looks like the 8 might night be that bad. I am going to muslin the yoke and see. Thanks for the input.

  3. I thought American size zero was Australian size 6 - and everything went on from there.

  4. I’m an Australian size 10 which seems to be equivalent to a US size 4, so a US size 2 is equivalent to an Aussie size 8 (based on my purchases of Lululemon and NYDJ which have US sizing).

  5. I'm right there with you on PDFs. Unless it's something I really, really, reaaaallly like, I don't use PDFs for garments. Bag patterns are a different story. All of my patterns are PDFs and it's okay since most pattern pieces fit on 1 or 2 8.5"x11" sheets of paper. I can handle that. =) But a whole garment? Oh no.

  6. I CANNOT do pdf patterns that don't have A0. There are 3 A0 printers in the US I use and like, and all of them get patterns out in a few days (I am in CT):, and So much better than align, trim, tape, etc.

    1. I will keep this info for the next time, which I doubt will be soon. I will need to be highly motivated. Then there is the whole cost thing. I am so spoiled by Big 4 sales.


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