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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Color, Line, Texture and..........Boats

Other than some early married years, I have lived on or within a quick walk to the water. As I teen I lived on Lake Street and spent countless days swimming and ice skating with friends there. For 21 years we lived in Weare, NH on Lake Horace. We moved from there to living on the Deer River here in upstate NY. That house in New Hampshire came with a boat, a pretty sad excuse for one, but we bought into the lifestyle and quickly traded up. It was a wonderful thing to live on the lake and enjoy boating, particularly when the girls were teens. If you have a teen, you definitely want to have  the house where the kids all want to hang out, and we did. Boating and skiing were a big attraction for friends and DH and I spent many sunny hours towing kids and friends around Lake Horace and other lakes in NH. Up here we live not too far from the Thousand Island area of the state, a stretch on the St. Lawrence river between Canada and the US. The river is very clean, beautiful, and the boats plentiful. This past weekend we attended the annual Poker Run out of Alex Bay. It was a glorious summer day and I was so taken by the beauty and art of these extremely fast "cigarette" boats. (Don't know why they call them that.) I took loads of pics. Since I know that anyone who loves fashion loves beauty and surely has an eye for line and color, I am sharing a few pics with you. To say the boats are incredible is an understatement as with a photo you can't pick up the sound of the jet like engines or the warmth of the sun crispying up your back. Check out the dashboards first on a couple of these babies, just poetic! Check out how perfectly coiled the rope is while the owner has left for lunch.
These boats run about 45 feet long, cost a fortune, and reach incredible speeds. The next boat, Aquamania, holds the speed record on the St. Lawrence, 205 MPH, same as a F5 tornado! It has reached 250 mph, has 3900 HP once the nitrous burst kicks in and two engines each costing over 900,000.00! Never mind the incredible paint job. The drivers have neck braces, helmuts, fire proof gear, much like Nascar.
Sort of nuclear looking, isnt it?
The engines on these boats are cleaner than my toilet after my French Canadian husband has scrubbed it. They sparkle beyond showroom new.

Check out the engine exhaust on this one. The scale is deceptive as the back end here is about 10-12  ft wide.
I have decided that the male equivalent of "diamonds are a girl's best friend" is "chrome is a guy's best friend."  Men cannot get enough chrome in their lives, can they? And like diamonds, the bigger and shinier, the better!
There were probably about 30-40 similar boats, all just as amazing, but I'll stop here. We had a wonderful day soaking up the sun and having boat fantasies. Boat fantasies work well for us at this stage. Years back our nicest ever boat needed to go to colleges so it was time to enter a new phase of life. The trade in for our children's education was a no brainer, something we would do again in a heartbeat. In the meantime we keep buying those lottery tickets....

THANK YOU, thank you, everyone, for the overwhelmingly positive comments on the funky pants. Does a girl good, you know! Sometimes we just have to get out of our comfort zones, something I am not any better at than most people. This one paid off.

I will be leaving tomorrow for NH, North Shore, and then the Cape for almost two weeks. I will try to have a post while I am gone so keep tuning in. Thanks for indulging me in my boat pics. Hope you enjoyed them and if boating is not your thing, come back for more sewing posts soon! I just like to keep it interesting now and then and you, dear loyal followers, make it interesting for me....Bunny


  1. Love the purple,orange and yellow. Beautiful colour inspiration for summer. I too love the water and start everyday with a walk to the river. No boats just ducks and geese!

  2. Those boats are beautiful. But, wow, what a different world. :) Enjoy your vacation!!

  3. sleek lines, sparkle and chrome, speed...those boats definitely have sex appeal. Thanks for sharing your vacation pics.

  4. I have been to your beautiful waters, I am so jealous. I have been a boat,water rat all my life but never have enjoyed waters like the St Lawrence, you are so lucky to be so close. Thanks for the pictures, wish I was there. It is 101 in Georgia today, an I AM not close to water.

  5. Ah, friends with boats, the perfect combination. These are so streamlined and seductive. Hope you have a wonderful time away.

  6. I live near lakes and rivers where there are a lot of boat races. These cigarette boats are big, loud and fast. Fascinating to watch them race. And scary!

  7. I want to see a purse out of some of these designs or even colors...they are really exciting!

  8. Nice photos, however 'Aquamnia' has never come close to 250 mph and there is no 'nitrous burst' in turbine engines. Also, the speed record belongs to Bill Tomlinson and 'My Way' with speeds in excess of 220mph.

    1. You need to talk to them about it. I was just parroting their words. The last thing I am is an expert on this area of boating. Thanks for the correction.


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