Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I am not a sewist of fleece!

I don't buy fleece. I don't sew fleece. There are no power fabrics in my stash. That being said, I fell in love with this fleece fabric when I saw it made up, wrong side out, into a vest in the fabric store. I long had visions of Vogue 8307 as my next jacket attempt and this fabric was so much more exciting than my solid wools. I quickly found the details I fell in love with in 8307 were lost amidst the tweedy drabness of the fleece. A bargain faux patent leather purchase encouraged me to outline the jacket with patent leather piping. I loved how the piping set the collar and buttons off. It was not without it's frustrations and required the use of wonder tape and a stretch 14 needle. I also rubbed the patent leather with Sewers Aid to help it glide under the press foot. It did so effortlessly. For the button loops I used fabric coated elastic bands from the dollar store, what's become a staple technique for me lately. My lining was another story, presenting me with lots of frustration along the way. It was a silk that I fused to Armo Weft to give the jacket the body it needed for the style. Despite perfectly matching at the armscyes, once the pleat was folded in the design did not match at center back. There was not enough left to cut a new back. A cue to move on. The facings are out of a lightweight black wool gab that is also fused to Armo Weft. The silk, even interfaced, did not have the body needed for the collar and facings . I wanted the black undercollar and black facings as this I thought would make a better presentation if I wore the collar up or the jacket open. Per the reviews I read on PR, I installed a large snap to keep the fronts hanging properly. Thanks, PR.

We are in the throws of an ice event here and I am glad I got my new winter jacket done before the cold weather is over. Think if I make a spring jacket, Spring will be here?

( Shadows make my piping look uneven. It actually came out perfectly even, with the use of one of my favorite tools, a Darr Piping Ruler. Be lost without that baby!)

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  1. A Darr piping ruler?? What's that? I'd better do a google.


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