Sick and in a slump!

My sewing has taken a back seat the past ten or so days as Mr. Sewista and I went 4 states south to help DD with her very sick and hospitalized infant twins. The good news is the babies are recovering back at home and that makes everyone happy. Fast forward back north those same four states to home and I am shuffling my feet with my creativity. My head is filled with equivalent of quilt batting and my red eyes are not that way from staring at a presser foot. I have a cold. Simple enough. But when I go look in my sewing room, all I see are stacks of fabric and patterns and I don't seem to have the energy to weed thru them to the next project. I know that once I feel better physically the ole' creativity will kick back in.

So here is what's sitting around in my studio: an unsewn black wool hat with a felted flower on it, a basket of all my new rovings, a stack of blue wool and hand dyed wools waiting to be a pocketbook, Twin Baby Girl's bishop waiting to be hemmed, a kimono pattern for TBG, a new pattern for a linen top for Moi, a pale yellow matelasse bedspread aching to become a spring jacket, an ironing board and ironing. I am sure I will get my mojo back soon and maybe even fold up and put away all these goodies and start something new and unthought of. Meanwhile, let me get some more Robitussin.


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