Sunday, April 6, 2008

Bag #2

I have really been craving print fabrics lately to sew on. I love the many prints I have seen on the runways, via Ultra HD, and think they are so refreshing after years of somber colors. So the next two bags I am working on will be out of cotton prints that called out to me with their oriental colors and motifs. Hopefully I can translate them appropriately into bags for my daughters for Mother's Day. I may even end up putting one of them into the PR bag contest.

This one will use an OOP pattern, Vogue 7701, View A, and will be out of this 100% cotton print. I think I will do my usual fusible fleece and then a layer of decor bond. You can see some ribbons and painted faux leather samples on the fabric. Not quite sure how they will translate but just working on something in this vivid colorway will be a delight.

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