Friday, April 25, 2008

Cable Stitch

Probably the simplest stitch and the first stitched learned in smocking is the cable. I, personally, feel it is the most difficult. That's because it needs to have perfectly stacked threads and thats not easy to do. I decided on my last project I really needed to pay attention and do this stitch better. So I have been stripping my threads, running them thru dryer sheets, and very slowly and carefully making the stitch. I think they have gotten better. I really need to slow down some times and pay closer attention.
ETA: If you click on the pic it will enlarge to give you a better idea of the stitches.

Guilt has set in. I cut a pair of white twill pants out from my sloper yesterday. I need to fire up the serger and get a zip and then I can whip them out pretty quickly. The big question is do I dare to show my butt on the web in white pants, Oy,,,Maybe I can borrow Lindsay's daughter to model. When done the pants, I can start making one of those cute tops. Lata'...Bunny


  1. I love your blog and read it faithfully.
    Thanks for all you inspiration!

  2. Too funny! I'm enlisting DD to model for me again this weekend because I just can't bear to see how wide I look in print. Vain, I know...

  3. Bunny, my email is

  4. Thanks Pam and Lindsay. Email on its way...

  5. Your cable stitches are lovely! I also LOVE the fabric!!

  6. Your cable stitches look "perfect". Stripping the plies of thread and working with its twist helps a lot. Another thing to do that will help you get a straight even row of cables is to pull each in the same (not upwards nor downwards) direction across your body. It doesn't take long to develop a rhythm of stitch and pull to lay a nice straight row of cables.

  7. Thanks so much, Nellie, for the interest as well as the great tips. I am certainly always trying to do it better. My biggest problem is making myself slow down.
    Thanks, Laurie, too!


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