Sunday, April 27, 2008

Latest Pants

OK, I succumbed to the call of my conscience and made some white twill slacks before I made a fun-to-sew top. First, lets get the photography out of the way-I did it with a timer, alone, in the back yard and family room. By the time I got the camera positioned, over and over ran to the rock and jumped up in those damn wedges, I was a wrinkle ball. Now that's fine with me as these slacks are 100% cotton twill and I knew they would be a wrinkle ball from the get go. I almost completely sew with natural fibers and knew this was inevitable. I LOVE natural fibers. I also was after a very relaxed fit. I hate things tight. I wanted something cool and comfy, and I wanted something sewn FAST. So couture, these are not. They have no details other than darts and are serged all around. I am actually pretty happy with them, although I know they are not perfect.
I used my pants sloper which I haven't used since last summer and a winter of sewing on my arse and lots of other lame excuses has shown me it needs tweeking, the sloper that is. My butt is beyond tweaking. The rear crotch curve could use a tad more space. I also am going to make the darts deeper as I had a lot to ease in with the waistline, a la Claire Schaeffer, but on a hard twill that easing, despite lots of steaming, shows too much for me. So deeper darts next time. For the zip I used the Sandra Betzina killer fly zipper application. Wow, is that so easy! That alone makes her book, "Power Sewing" worth the purchase. These pants are cut full, as that is what I like and can carry off best. I have full thighs and butt and am only 5 ft tall so that is the style that seems most flattering. Any fit comments greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Today's Antique Lace:
This is closeup of a woman's collar made from the filmiest batiste with extremely tiny tucking. Enjoy:


  1. Looking good, Bunny! White pants are on my sewing agenda too.

  2. Bunny, I think the fit looks great. I hope to be able to achieve fit that good when I attempt pants...soon. They won't be white pants, though. I'm not subjecting the world to that!

  3. Bunny, the pants look great on you! :-)

  4. I love sewing with natural fibers too. The fit on your pants is great. I particularly love linen and when people say "but it wrinkles" I put my fingers in my ears "la-la-la-la". You'll get so much use out of your pants, dressed up or down!


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